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Forging new paths for children with learning disabilities, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation is a driving force behind efforts to ensure that all children learn and meet their full potential as future citizens. For over a decade, the Tremaine Foundation has been working to focus public awareness on challenges faced every dayóat school and at homeóby young people with learning disabilities. "As intelligent as their peers, individuals with LD often do not reach their full potential, held back by misinformation, prejudice and ineffective teaching methods," said Stewart J. Hudson, president of the Tremaine Foundation, describing what motivated the Tremaine family to pursue an agenda that strives to level the playing field to allow students with learning disabilities to meet their potential.

The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation was created in 1991 through the generosity of Emily Hall Tremaine. Core values of the Tremaine family are the building blocks for the Foundationís work. Those values are:

  • Good fortune goes hand in hand with a larger purpose and increased responsibility
  • Optimism that enduring societal problems can be solved
  • A commitment to contribute to a better world

The Tremaine familyís personal understanding of the challenges that confront people with learning disabilities inspired them to target assistance to programs and people engaged in improving the achievement of individuals with learning disabilities.

During the first few years, the Tremaine Foundation focused on increasing public awareness of what it means to be a student with learning disabilities and the particular issues facing the very youngest of learners. A set of public service announcements and a public awareness campaign successfully developed a better understanding of learning disabilities by the public citizenry.

Now the Tremaine Foundation is taking the next step by providing assistance to the front lines of education. The Foundation is engaged in bringing proven assistive technology to classrooms. Assistive technology is designed to level the playing field for learning disabled children so they can learn and achieve at high levels. The Foundation is also involved in early intervention of learning disabilities by integrating the concerns of the LD community into the growing national movement in support of early childhood education.

The Foundation is honored for its steadfast dedication to ensuring that all children, despite differences in learning, will enter classrooms designed to meet their needs and be embraced as equal members of the learning community.

"The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundationís extraordinary leadership is revolutionizing the field of education for students with learning disabilities," said Anne Meyer and David Rose, co-founders of Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). "The Foundationís imaginative, courageous support for the development of universally designed technologies and instructional approaches has led to dramatic breakthroughs. These innovations are leading students with learning disabilities from educationís margins to the mainstream of academic success. We congratulate the Tremaine Foundation on receiving this much-deserved Inspiration Award."

To learn more on the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, go to tremainefoundation.org.


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