Access Tips

Here at LD OnLine, we recognize that people with and without learning disabilities can have difficulty reading text on a screen. We have used a number of techniques to make our site accessible to the largest audience possible.

In addition, the following features should make it easier for those with reading difficulties to find the information they need. If you have additional suggestions on how to make LD OnLine easier to use, we'd love to hear from you.

Text-only / Printer-friendly views

Text only/Printer friendly icon

Clicking on this icon will display the page in simple black and white, and remove most of the graphics.

Larger text views

Larger text view icon

Clicking on the letters in this icon will increase or decrease the size of the text.

Many browsers also provide ways to increase or decrease text size. Below are instructions on how to do this in some common browsers.

Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and greater)

To change text sizes in Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and greater) for Windows:

  1. Select View
  2. Scroll to Text Size and choose your preference

Internet Explorer (versions 5.x-6.x)

To change the text sizes in Internet Explorer (versions 5.x-6.x) for Windows, you must first disable style sheets. To do so, follow the directions below:

  1. Select Tools and click Internet Options
  2. Select the General tab and click the box entitled Accessibility
  3. Ensure that all three buttons under Formatting are checked
  4. Click OK in Accessibility dialog box
  5. Click OK in Internet Options dialog box
  6. Click Refresh

After successfully disabling style sheets,

  1. Select View
  2. Scroll to Text Size and choose your preference


From the Firefox Menu Bar select View>Text Size>Increase

  1. This will cause the text to display on the web page one size larger. However this is a temporary change.

To make a permanent font size change:

  1. From the Firefox Menu Bar, select Tools>Options
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Fonts & Colors
  4. Set the font sizes. Minimum font size.can also be set


  1. From the Safari menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click Appearance.
  3. To change the standard font or fixed-width font used in pages, click the appropriate Select button.
  4. Change the font size using the slider bar.

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