Classsroom Templates

By: Reading Rockets

Weekly classroom newsletter template

Parents love to know what's going on in their child's classroom. A weekly newsletter is a great way to keep the communication going.

We've created a ready-to-use, editable newsletter template complete with extra graphics and more than 50 reading tips.

You can download a sample newsletter here.

Here's how to create your newsletter:

  • Double-click the template to create a working copy
  • Add this week's news
  • Copy and paste in a Reading Rockets reading tip
  • Delete all but the first page
  • Save with a new file name
  • Print and go!

When you are ready to create your next newsletter, double-click the template and a fresh copy is created again, ready for this week's news.

Welcome to back-to-school night flyer

Welcome to back-to-school night flyer

Get your students involved in preparing for back-to-school night.

Download this printable PDF and have the kids write in their favorite books and things they like to read about.

Perfect for desktops or bulletin boards when parents arrive in the classroom.

Reading Rockets (2008)