Reading Adventure Packs for Families

By: Reading Rockets

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Parents who read to their children everyday and talk about what they are reading together promote a joy of reading and literacy achievement. How can teachers encourage reading at home and support the role of parents as educators? One way is through the use of our reading adventure packs — a paired set of theme-based fiction and nonfiction books and related interactive activities that kids bring home from school to share with their family. Just assemble everything into a two-gallon zip top bag, and they're ready to go!

"[These packs] are a great idea from Reading Rockets. I love the fact that there are clear, accessible, and easy-to-understand suggestions for parents in each PDF. The activities would be fun and educational to link to any book that suits the themes, not just the ones suggested."

— The Book Chook

What goes into each reading adventure pack?

  • Parent information sheet with an introductory note that you can personalize, instructions about how to use the packet, and tips for sharing fiction and nonfiction books with children
  • Two books: one fiction and one nonfiction, selected by Reading Rockets for high quality and wide availability in school libraries
  • Creativity Activity: a hands-on craft project
  • Imagination Activity: encourages imaginative play, writing, or drawing
  • Get Real Activity: focuses on real-world experiences for parent and child
  • Bookmark: lists the featured titles and alternative titles

Themed reading adventure packs

Animals reading adventure packs
Theme: Animals
Age: Kindergarten
Animals pack >
Environment reading adventure pack
Theme: Environment
Age: Grade 1
Environment pack >
Food Reading adventure pack
Theme: Food
Age: Kindergarten
Food pack >
Folktales Reading adventure pack
Theme: Folktales
Age: Grade 1
Folktales pack >
Music Reading adventure pack
Theme: Music
Age: Kindergarten
Music pack >
Time Reading adventure pack
Theme: Time
Age: Grade 1
Time pack >
Dinosaurs Reading adventure pack
Theme: Dinosaurs
Age: Grade 1
Dinosaurs pack
(English and Spanish) >
Where the Wild Things Are
Theme: Wild Things
Age: Kindergarten
Wild Things pack
(English and Spanish) >
Sleep Reading adventure pack
Theme: Sleep
Age: Kindergarten
Sleep pack >
Reading adventure pack: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Theme: What Happens Next?
Age: Pre-K and K
Very Hungry Caterpillar pack >
Green Eggs and Ham
Theme: Green Eggs
and Ham
Age: Kindergarten
Green Eggs & Ham pack >
The Snowy Day Reading adventure pack
Theme: The Snowy Day
Age: Kindergarten
Snowy Day pack
(English and Spanish) >
Reading adventure pack: Farms
Theme: Farms
Age: Kindergarten
Farms pack >
The Lorax
Theme: Trees
Age: Grade 1
The Lorax pack >
Rocks Reading adventure pack
Theme: Rocks
Age: Grades 1 and 2
Rocks pack >
Reading adventure pack: Oceans
Theme: Oceans
Age: Grade 1
Oceans pack >
Theme: Cooking
Age: Grades 1 and 2
Cooking pack >
Theme: Weather
Age: Grades 1 and 2
Weather pack >
Building Reading adventure pack
Theme: Building
Age: Grades 1 and 2
Building pack >
Theme: Rivers
Age: Grade 3
Rivers pack >
Theme: Bees
Age: Grade 3
Bees pack >
Reading adventure pack: Flight
Theme: Flight
Age: Grade 3
Flight pack
(English and Spanish) >
Theme: Stars
Age: Grade 3
Stars pack >
Theme: Money
Age: Grade 3
Money pack >
Reading adventure pack: Gardening
Theme: Gardening
Age: Grade 2 and 3
Gardening pack >
(English and Spanish)
Theme: Robots
Age: Grade 2 and 3
Robots pack >
(English and Spanish)
Theme: Government
Age: Grade 2 and 3
Government pack >
(English and Spanish)
Reading adventure pack: Archaeology
Theme: Archaeology
Age: Grade 2 and 3
Archaeology pack >
(English and Spanish)

Feedback wanted

If you use the reading adventure packs in your classroom, we'd love to get feedback on how well they worked, new theme ideas, or ways to improve the packs. Contact us and select "Reading adventure packs" from the subject field. Thank you!

To learn more, please read our article about reading adventure packs.

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