BeSpoke Voices: Empowering self-identity for those who rely on speech generating devices to communicate

By: Center on Technology and Disability

In this webinar from the Center on Technology and Disability, you'll learn about a breakthrough speech technology that can create a custom voice that matches the vocal identity of a child with speech difficulties.

VocaliD's breakthrough speech technology, BeSpoke Voices, is the focus of this webinar presented by Dr. Rupal Patel, a speech scientist and technologist.

BeSpoke Voices leverages years of research to create custom-crafted voices by blending only 2-3 seconds of the recipient's voice (the Vocal DNA) with recordings of a matched speaker from its crowd-sourced Human VoiceBank. The BeSpoke voice captures the clarity of the matched speaker but the vocal identity of the recipient so s/he can be heard with his or her own voice.



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