Curriculum-Based Assessment Procedures Embedded Within Functional Behavioral Assessments: Identifying Escape-Motivated Behaviors in a General Education Classroom.

By: Maura Roberts, Jody Marshall, Ron Nelson, and Craig Albers

Purpose of the study

The study looked a whether curriculum-based assessments (CBA) techniques can be incorporated into functional behavioral assessments (FBA) to discover events that lead up to off-task behaviors of students in general education classrooms.

The sample

The sample was small. The researchers used a multi-element design that monitored off-task behavior of three boys in the classroom.

New information

  1. The study used CBA procedures to identify antecedent events related to off-task behaviors
  2. The study examined the use of FBA in a general education classroom rather than in special education or clinic-based school settings in which functional behavioral assessments are often used;
  3. The study showed that a technique that is often used with special education students also can be applied effectively in the general education classroom.

For more information

Posted April 1, 2002.

A study by Maura Roberts, Jody Marshall, Ron Nelson & Craig Albers. School Psychology Review, Vol 30, 2001, 264-277.