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Transition: School to Work

A successful transition for individuals with learning disabilities from school to school, college, or work often requires collaboration. Students play an important role in planning their transition, and should be included throughout the process. Read more about how to engage in successful transition planning.

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Secondary to Postsecondary Education Transition Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

This article addresses the rationale for the transition planning process as it applies to the education of students with learning disabilities, specifically the progression from secondary to postsecondary education.

Taking the GED Tests: Requesting Accommodations

Do you want to take the GED Test? This article, by the General Educational Development Testing Service (GEDTS), tells you how to get the accommodations you need. Detailed information is provided on how to fill out the forms that document your needs.

Ten Tips That May Help Ease Your Child's Transition To Adulthood

The Assistive Technology Planner: From Research to Implementation

What happens after assistive technology is considered in an IEP? The National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI) surveyed educators around the nation to find out. Learn from their “top ten” list of findings on the use and support of AT.

Transition and Self-Advocacy

Transition to School and Work: A blueprint for your child's success after high school

Who Do You Tell About Your Disability?

In telling other people about your disability, you should anticipate misunderstandings and have information ready that will correct these misconceptions. This article gives tips about how to disclose successfully in the workplace and in other settings.

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