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Special Education

This section examines several key issues involved in special education services as mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), amended in 2004. For information on recent changes to the law, check our featured section on IDEA 2004. Be sure to also learn about the laws and regulations that govern special education in your state.

There are 95 articles in this section.

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Creating Useful Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

Parents Ask About Occupational Therapy Services in Schools

Interagency Agreements

Developing Behavioral Intervention Plans: A Sequential Approach

Learn the rules from 1997 Amendments to IDEA for students who have behavior problems- including developing functional behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention plans, particularly as they pertain to discipline.

Leveling the Playing Field or Leveling the Players?

Writing the IEP

Planning Student-Directed Transitions to Adult Life

Statewide Assessment: Policy Issues & Questions

Parents and advocacy groups: What do you say when you talk to your state officials about high stakes tests and statewide education assessments? Read this article for questions you can ask to assess the full and fair inclusion of students with disabilities. Assure that they receive the accommodations they need to show what they know.

Examples of Accommodations from State Assessment Policies

Teachers and IEP teams: Review the examples of accommodations for testing in this article. They were drawn from 47 states that administer statewide examinations. Accommodations are divided into four categories, when the test is taken (scheduling), where the test is taken (environment), how the test is given (presentation), and how the student answers the questions (response).

Parent Guide to Re-Evaluation

Special Education: Evaluation

Basics for Parents: Your Child's Evaluation

IDEA 1999 - Final Regulations and Children with ADHD

Glossary of Acronyms

Update on Section 504: How Much Will Schools Pay for Compliance?

Students covered under Section 504 may participate in school activities beyond the classroom. However, the schools must pay for any changes required to accommodate that participation. Do you know what those costs may be? Does your school district? Find out if anyone does.

What is the Individualized Education Program?

Assessment: A Key Component of Education Reform

Did You See Your Regular Ed Teacher at Your IEP Meeting?

What is a Manifest Determination Meeting?

IEP: The Process

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