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This section examines several key issues involved in special education services as mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), amended in 2004. For information on recent changes to the law, check our featured section on IDEA 2004. Be sure to also learn about the laws and regulations that govern special education in your state.

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Late Blooming or Language Problem?

How a Student is Identified as Having a Disability and Needing Special Education Services

Why Should We Mediate Special Education Disputes?

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children with Disabilities

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a law that ensures certain rights for children with disabilities and their families. Parents have a certain role to play in the process of getting children the help they need. Find out what parents of children with disabilities can expect in this list of rights and responsibilities.

Stages of the Assessment Process

Because early intervention is so important, children who require special services need to be assessed at a young age. Here are six stages in the assessment process, from child-find to program evaulation.

Technology: Some Common Questions Answered

Disciplining Students with Disabilities

A Parent's Guide to Accessing Programs for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Disabilities

Some Common Sense Steps to Resolving Disagreements Between Parents and Schools

Choosing Mediation to Resolve a Conflict with Your Child's School

School Records and Reports: Journals of the Journey

Parents - Children's Best Advocates

IEP Individualized Education Program: The Process

What Happens to a Child's Special Education Program When the Family Moves

Involving Teens in the IEP

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