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Self Esteem & Stress Management

Individuals with learning disabilities often struggle with self esteem because of poor academic performance or difficulties with social relationships. Articles in this section provide tips for developing healthy self esteem in children, as well as resources for ways to talk with kids about learning disabilities.

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Tips for Developing Healthy Self-Esteem in Your Child

Preventing Antisocial Behavior in Disabled and At-Risk

Predictors of Success from a Longitudinal Study

Understanding Children's Hearts and Minds: Emotional Functioning and Learning Disabilities

We often label students according to their behavior-without knowing the essential cause for behavior such as "laziness," " carelessness," or "acting out." Identifying the cause can be quite complex. This article explores the connections between learning disabilities and emotional problems.

Developing Recreation Skills in Persons with Learning Disabilities

Risk, Resilience, and Adjustment of Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Celebrating Our Abilities

On July 26, 1996, it was my pleasure to attend in the U.S. Senate the sixth anniversary celebration of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). During this celebration the National Council on Disability (NCD) issued a new report, Achieving Independence: The Challenge for the 21st Century (A Decade of Progress in Disability Policy, Setting an Agenda for the Future). According to NCD chairperson Marca Bristo, "Achieving Independence is not government as usual; it calls for real change by and for real people."

Celebrity Quiz

Learn about famous people with learning disabilities.

Learned Helplessness and Attribution for Success and Failure in LD Students

Defining the Self as a Learner for Children with LD

The Impact of Teachers: A Story of Indelible Memories and Self-Esteem

Self-Advocacy for College Students

The Arts: Windows to Strength for Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Stress Management for the Learning Disabled

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