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More and more students with learning disabilities are enrolling in college and universities. And more and more higher education institutions are offering support programs for students with LD. Here we’ve assembled information to assist in the planning and selection process, plus lots of advice on creating a successful post-secondary education experience.

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Muskingum College's Learning Strategies Database

Preparing for a Job While in College

Questions to Ask Colleges About Assistive Technology Resources

It is important that students with disabilities consider accommodations that colleges provide, including assistive technology (AT) devices and services. This Info Brief highlights differences between the availability of AT in the K-12 environment and college setting, poses questions related to AT that students should consider when selecting a college, and offers links to resources about AT and support networks of interest to prospective college students with disabilities.

Reading Difficulties and Solutions for Passage-Based Reading on the SAT

In this excerpt from the LD SAT Study Guide, the author explains how to solve many of the problems that plague students while they tackle the Passage-Based Reading sections of the SAT.

Requesting Academic Accommodations

When to speak up? What to say? And to whom? College students with disabilities must answer these questions as part of developing the self-advocacy skills important for succeeding. Learn more about the typical attitudes a student may encounter on campus, and help rehearse the best response strategy: a self-advocate's good communication skills.

School-University Partnerships in Special Education Field Experiences: A National Descriptive Study

Section 504: The Law & Its Impact on Postsecondary Education

Section 504 states that any institution (including colleges and universities) receiving Federal financial assistance may not discriminate against disabled persons. This article explains how this law affects the admission process, participation in class and curriculum. What modifications can postsecondary institutions make to better accommodate the disabled?

Selecting A College for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Self-Advocacy for College Students

Self-Advocacy in Educational Settings

Students: This article will help you get the accommodations you need. Get proper documentation of the learning disability. Find the person in charge of giving the accommodation. Then propose possible accommodations. You might start with the list of possibilities in this article. Then negotiate with the decision-maker, using the tips provided here.

Students with LD and the Search for College Financial Aid: A Discussion of Options and Resources

Success in College for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Tips on how adults with learning disabilities can receive accommodations from colleges.

Ten Tips That May Help Ease Your Child's Transition To Adulthood

The Community College Choice

The Documentation Disconnect for Students With Learning Disabilities: Improving Access to Postsecondary Disability Services

A Report from the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities*

The Law After High School

Learn about your legal rights and responsibilities for accommodations on the job, disclosure of your disability, documentation of your disability, and many other issues that come up after graduating high school.

The New SAT: Changes in the Test Mean Changes in Preparation and Accommodations

Beginning in March of 2005, approximately 2 million students across the country will experience a fundamental change in the SAT. Changes to the test may make some parts more challenging for special education students.

The Why, When, What, and How of Disclosure in a Postsecondary Academic Setting

When you continue your studies after high school, should you tell the school and instructors about your learning disability? This article will help you decide when and how to disclose your disability to obtain accommodations.

Tips for College Bound High School Students with Diagnosed Learning Problems

Top Ten Things I Wish Students With ADHD Knew About Their Medications

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