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Behavior & Social Skills

Social competence and emotional well-being are issues for some adults and children with learning disabilities. Being liked, feeling accepted, and having self-confidence are all related to an individual’s social skills. Included in this section are the “dos and don'ts” for fostering social competence, the teacher’s role in developing social skills, and many helpful articles on behavior modification, anger management, disciplining students with disabilities, and the emotional issues experienced by some individuals with LD.

There are 83 articles in this section.

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"Dos and Don'ts" for Fostering Social Competence

It can be difficult to help children develop social skills when it does not always come naturally to them. These quick tips offer ways for parents and teachers to foster social development in children with learning disabilities.

Finding Friends and Persuading People: Teaching the Skills of Social Interaction

Role Playing Helps Develop Social Skills

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