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Technology can open doors and break down barriers for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Whether in the classroom or workplace, assistive technology (including devices, software, recordings, and much more) can increase, maintain, or improve the capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Also, technology that is used by everyone, such as spell check, can be particularly helpful to people with learning disabilities. Here we explore new developments in technology that can accommodate people with learning disabilities.

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Opening the Doors to Learning: Technology Research for Students with Learning Disabilities (Notetaking Skills)

What Happens When Students Use Text-to-Speech and Word Predict Programs to Compose Text?

Customizing Technology Solutions for College Students with Learning Disabilities

What Happens When Assistive Technology Doesn’t Work?: The Need for an Integrated Approach.

When the student technology match has not worked, what key questions should be asked?

Tech Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities: Infusion into Inclusive Classrooms

Assistive Technology Assessment: More Than the Device

Setting the Stage for Success: Building Success Through Effective Selection and Use of Assistive Technology Systems

Read about the SETT framework (Student, Environment, Tasks, and Tools) for individualizing assistive technology. The IEP team must analyze the student, environment, and tasks to propose the appropriate assistive technology. This approach can assure that the student actually uses the tools regularly for real learning.

Considering Your Child's Need for Assistive Technology

Get SETT for Successful Inclusion and Transition

The SETT Framework aids in gathering, organizing, and analyzing data which can be used to make collaborative assistive technology and programming decisions.

Facts About Assistive Technology and the IEP

From Illegible to Understandable: How Word Prediction and Speech Synthesis Can Help

Technology: Some Common Questions Answered

Tools for Living with Learning Disabilities

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