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Adults with LD

Learning disabilities affect individuals across the life span. Adults with learning disabilities face challenges in finding the right college and succeeding while there, as well as challenges in preparing for and succeeding in the work world and in social settings. Read more about transition issues for adults with LD, how to become a self-advocate, and what assistive technology can help meet your needs.

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Accommodations and Compliance Series: Employees with Learning Disabilities

Learn how to accommodate yourself on the job. This article has simple and time-tested strategies for being productive even if you have trouble reading, spelling, writing, or calculating numbers. Read about accommodations for difficulty speaking, organizing yourself, remembering, and managing time. Introductory information on learning disabilities is provided to help managers handle accommodation issues.

Adults Suffer From Learning Difficulties, Too

Adults with undiagnosed learning disabilities face a double challenge: maintaining their adult responsibilities and adjusting them to their learning needs. Learn more about their struggles.

Assessment for Adults with LD and/or ADHD

Information on assessment and who can diagnose LD or AD/HD in adults.

Assistive Technology at Work

Read about the uses of assistive technology (AT) for people with learning disabilities in the workplace. The obligations of the employer and learning-disabled employee are summarized. Job Accommodation Network (JAN) can play a role in facilitating the process. Suggestions are given for commercially available and specialized devices that have an AT function. Links to additional information on AT are also provided.

Basic Principles of APD Management: Thinking Outside the Box

Case Examples: A College Graduate with Learning Difficulties Faces New Challenges

Characteristics of Adults with Specific Learning Disabilities

Paul Gerber discusses the wide variety of behaviors, abilities, and difficulties found in adults with LD.

Clues to Dyslexia in Young Adults and Adults

Learn about how the specific signs of dyslexia, both weaknesses and strengths, in any one individual will vary according to the age and educational level of that person.

Coming Clean

Today, I told my boss that I am dyslexic. It was the first time in my entire life that I've come clean right up front. No waiting until I get in trouble and then bringing up my dyslexia. This time I've decided to just tell it like it is right from the beginning.

Driving and Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia and Driving an Automobile

The story of Tom, a man with dyslexia who learned to drive is used to illustrate difficulties in learning to drive and how they can be overcome.

Dyslexia and the Challenge of Using Today's Technology

How do people with dyslexia learn to use technology? Learn to solve the problems caused by dyslexia such as remembering passcodes and learning complicated tasks. Find out how to save time doing your work and find files in the computer

Dyslexia: Point of Pride or Flaw to Hide

Review the pros and cons of "disclosure" — the decision on whether or not to tell people about your disability. This article discusses the negative and positive aspects of disclosure and gives tips on the best way to discuss your dyslexia. Read about disclosure in the workplace, to students and clients, and to friends.

Dyslexic Parents of Dyslexic Children

Learning and attention issues are brain-based difficulties that can cause kids to struggle in school, socially and with everyday skills. Dyslexia and ADHD are examples of common learning and attention issues. In this article, parents with dyslexia talk about what it is like to have children with dyslexia — the blessings and the challenges.

Finding Friends and Persuading People: Teaching the Skills of Social Interaction

Guidelines for Documentation of a Learning Disability in Adolescents and Adults

How Many Adults Really Have Learning Disabilities?

Job Accommodations for People with Learning Disabilities

Practical suggestions for reasonable accommodations are offered for difficulties people with learning disabilities might encounter in the workplace. Ideas are provided for trouble with reading, writing, memory, hearing, organizing and spelling. If a specific problem is not included, read a method to evaluate the problem and propose a solution to the employer.

Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Deliquency: Is There a Link? An Introduction

Meeting the Challenge of Conformity

Many people with attention deficit disorder find that conforming to standard behavior in the workplace can be challenging. This article tells the story of Jane. Her story illustrates why conformity can be difficult, ways to identify problem areas, and how to navigate around them.

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