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Project June Bug

By: Jackie Minniti
Age Level: Adult
Reading Level: Community

Life is good for Jenna Bianchi. She's just started her second year of teaching English at Morrison High School, a job she loves. She has a pet parrot with attitude. And there's a handsome math teacher who wants to be more than just friends. But everything changes when a defiant, disruptive tenth grader walks into her classroom.

With a smart mouth and a swagger to match, Michael Tayler is a problem for Jenna from the very first day. His school record screams troublemaker, and Jenna wonders if the new year is already doomed. But when she reads Michael's first poetry assignment, she recognizes it for what it truly is: a cry for help.

Michael's presence sets into motion a chain of events that turns Jenna’s perfect life upside-down and threatens to destroy her career. Faced with a challenge unlike anything she’s ever known, Jenna commits to doing what no one has done for Michael Tayler before.


By: Patricia Reilly Giff
Age Level: 9-12
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Sam is almost 11 when he discovers a locked box in the attic above his grandfather Mack's room, and a piece of paper that says he was kidnapped. There are lots of other words, but Sam has always had trouble reading. He's desperate to find out who he is, and if his beloved Mack is really his grandfather. At night he's haunted by dreams of a big castle and a terrifying escape on a boat. Who can he trust to help him read the documents that could unravel the mystery? Then he and the new girl, Caroline, are paired up to work on a school project, building a castle in Mack's woodworking shop. Caroline loves to read, and she can help. But she’s moving soon, and the two must hurry to discover the truth about Sam.

The Survival Guide for Teenagers with LD

By: Rhoda Woods Cummings & Gary L. Fisher, Ph.D.
Age Level: Teen
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Adulthood is nothing to be frightened of, even if you have LD. This guide is aimed at helping prepare you not only for academic success, but for life as an adult. It helps explain how kids get into LD programs, clarifies your legal rights and responsibilities, and covers other vital topics including assertiveness, jobs, friends, dating, self-sufficiency, and responsible citizenship.

The Survival Guide for Kids with LD

By: Gary L. Fisher, Ph.D.
Age Level: 9-12
Reading Level: Independent Reader

First of all, know this — you're smart and can learn! You just learn differently. This guide will help answer some of your important questions about having LD, such as "Why is it hard for kids with LD to learn?" and "What happens when you grow up?" It will also provide suggestions on how to deal with issues in school and take some of the mystery out of what having LD means (and doesn't mean). Includes resources for parents and teachers.

My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir

By: Samantha Abeel
Age Level: Teen
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Samantha Abeel couldn't tell time, remember her locker combination, or count out change at a checkout counter -- and she was in seventh grade. For a straight-A student like Samantha, problems like these made no sense. She dreaded school, and began having anxiety attacks. In her thirteenth winter, she found the courage to confront her problems -- and was diagnosed with a learning disability. Slowly, Samantha's life began to change again. She discovered that she was stronger than she'd ever thought possible -- and that sometimes, when things look bleakest, hope is closer than you think.

Different is Not Bad, Different is the World: A Book About Disabilities

By: Sally L. Smith
Age Level: Teen
Reading Level: Independent Reader

"Disabilities can be 'nuisances,' but…differences are good they add to the richness of our world." This illustrated book explores both physical and learning disabilities. You'll also learn how many famous historical figures had disabilities and succeeded despite them.

I Wish I Could Fly Like a Bird!

By: Katherine Denison
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

This is the story of Chic L. Dee, a bird with learning disabilities who flip-flops when he tries to fly. While he struggles to accept his limitations, he begins to discover his talents, trust his intuition, and find his own way. Perhaps most importantly, he learns about making room for differences.

Help! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade (Hank Zipzer)

By: Henry Winkler
Age Level: 9-12
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Hank creates an elaborate scheme to have his parents win an out-of-town trip so they're gone during teacher-conference days.

The Name Jar

By: Yangsook Choi
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

The new kid in school needs a new name! Or does she? Being the new kid in school is hard enough, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name?

Help4ADD@High School

By: Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D.
Age Level: Teen
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Designed like a Web site, this book provides straight talk on high school drugs, sex, friends, driving, parents, college and much, much more. It can help make your High School years a time that you can feel good about, instead of one long struggle. Help4ADD@HighSchool includes tips on how to study smarter, not harder; information about your rights in school, and the ways that your high school can help you succeed; tips on getting along better at home; on dating; sex; getting enough sleep, the importance of exercise; and much more. It's a survival guide for high school students with ADD!