Back to School

It's time to go back to school for teachers too! Whether you're a novice or an old pro, LD OnLine has ideas and resources to help you get ready, get set for the best school year yet! Make sure to visit our sister sites, Reading Rockets and Colorín Colorado, for even more back to school resources for teachers.

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Resources for first year teachers

The first year of teaching is a tough job. Everything is new – the students; the school's procedures; your relationship with fellow teachers, administrators, and parents; what you plan to do and teach each day; your classroom management and teaching style; and much more.

The following are resources to help new teachers navigate their first year:

Questions teachers ask

First Year Teacher Column

Written by Reading Rockets staff experts, this column answers questions submitted by upcoming first year teachers.

Questions + Answers

Each month, we receive many questions from parents and teachers about ADHD, IEPs, testing, and more. Below are common questions from teachers that our experts have answered:

Teaching Tools


Additional Resources


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