Dale S. Brown

Dale S. Brown

Dale Brown is a well-known advocate, author and speaker for people with learning disabilities. She managed LD OnLine from 2006 to 2009 and is now a frequent contributor. She was nationally recognized for her work on the Americans with Disabilities Act and for leading the self-help movement for people with learning disabilities.

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About Dale S. Brown

About Dale S. Brown

Dale S. Brown is a tireless advocate for people who have learning disabilities. Her early work as a leader in the self-help movement for people with learning disabilities has inspired thousands of individuals to find jobs, become independent and make their dreams come true. She is a well-known keynote speaker for national and state conferences, including Learning Disabilities Association of America and the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs.

Dale is an author of several books including Steps to Independence for People with Learning Disabilities, a self-remediation handbook which emphasizes transition. She has written hundreds of articles and book chapters. She has written five published books. Dale led several successful policy initiatives while working as a civil servant for the Office of Disability Employment Policy of the US Department of Labor and the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities. She led a national effort to make the Job Corps accessible to youth with disabilities, coordinated the first youth-led national policy agenda for young adults with disabilities, and was nationally recognized as a key player in the development and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

She was senior manager of LD OnLine 2006-2009, where she oversaw expansion of the core content, addition of multimedia resources, and significant growth in audience. She currently works as a Senior Policy Expert at Economic Systems Corporation in Falls Church, VA. To contact Dale Brown, write to dalebrownspeaker@yahoo.com.


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