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LD OnLine asks its users to view these ads with an understanding that they are developed to persuade you to buy a product. We suggest that you check out the information from these ads by further reviewing the research-backed information on LD OnLine. For information on how these ads are selected, see About these ads.

Also, if you are looking for a school, a professional, or product, review our Yellow Pages and LearningStore. Shop comparatively and take your time in making decisions involving your child.

Here are a few helpful tips and links for checking out information from the ads:

Using these ads helps support our website. As you consider the products and services, please use LD OnLine's search box (in the upper right) to study our well-researched materials about your course of action. Check the names of authors and experts mentioned in the ads on LD OnLine as well.

Be sure to give us feedback on the program at info@ldonline.org. Please include "ad feedback" in the subject line.

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Consumer Tips