Personal Stories

Learning Disabilities Did Not Keep Me From Graduating College

By: Michele Glaser

I am now 46 years old and it has been 23 years now since I graduated from College. To get through College and earn my B.A. Degree in History/Government I worked with a tutor for 3 1/2 years to help me get through the classes that gave me the most trouble. The classes were in Math. I have dealt with the difficulties of the learning disabilities by concentrating on the things I do best.

I am a Salesperson first and foremost. Knowing how to talk to people on the phone is where my success has been.

Even with a hearing disability on top of the learning disability did make that part of the job difficult when I could not hear the person very well on the other line but technology has solved that problem as I have a phone handset amplifier that helps to turn the volume up.

I have gone back to Community Colleges to broaden my skills so I could be current in the work force. I tried to never really give up on myself.