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Parents, teachers, people with learning disabilities — we want to hear your story — and so do the visitors to LD OnLine! Tell us what it is like to have a learning disability, to teach and mentor in the schools, or to raise a child who has LD and/or ADHD. We plan to post a selection of First Person video essays in the near future.

To submit a video to LD OnLine please create a Brightcove account below. Brightcove is the online video publishing company that manages all LD OnLine video. Please view our submission guidelines below.

Please read our guidelines for submissions:

  • Submissions should be no more than 10 minutes in legnth and should not be testimonials or advertisements for products, therapies, schools, or organizations.
  • You should tell how you have dealt with the challenges of learning disabilities, either as a parent, a teacher, and/or a person with a learning disability and/or ADHD.
  • Please understand that video submissions used on LD OnLine can be viewed and downloaded by LD OnLine users.
  • LD OnLine reserves the right to reject any submission and to edit submissions for length, style, and clarity. We will not return your submissions
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  • Unfortunately, because of our limited budget, we are not able to pay "First Person" contributors.