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Stories by Kids

My life

By: Victoria, Age 11, Keswick, Ontario

Hi, my name is Victoria and my life is so hard. My friends in class read a harder level then me. But there is something I can do that my friends can't... I can type fast. They ask me how do I do it. I thank my teacher, Miss Andrews. She taught me how to type. Man, it was hard! My friends think I am cool and a little smart. To me, I am, but when I am near boys and I look stupid, I want to scream!!!

When I go to school it is so hard, well in some things, like math it can be hard... like really hard. Today was super hard! I love school, but the only subject that is easy for me is gym. It is really easy!! Well, that is it... and do not give up on your self because you can do it.