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Stories by Kids

They Don't Know What LD is

By: Minami, Age 18
I found out I was LD at the age of 13. Until then, I didnít know why I couldnít understand the teacher or what they wrote on the board. After that, I went to a special-ed school with all the other kids with special needs which was comforting because I didnít feel left out or need to hide about LD. Two years later, I went to an American school and when everyone got high scores in tests or exams, I knew mine were low but I hid it from everyone else. Even now, Iím studying at UNI and when I tell my friends about LD they're all clueless and havenít heard of it before. At least they listened but they donít really care that I have LD. Not one have I not seen an LD person like me at UNI. It makes me feel Iím stupid because I got into UNI with help and most people donít need help unlike me.