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Self-directed Learning Helps Some Students Reach Goals, Study Suggests


Students with cognitive and learning disabilities that were taught the fundamentals of self-determination were more likely to access mainstream curricula and achieve their academic and other goals, according to new research by Karrie Shogren, a professor of special education in the College of Education.

Self-Employment Ideal for Disabled

Financial Post (Canada)

More avenues are opening up for people with disabilities to launch their own business. This is especially important as the term "disability" grows to include conditions that aren't physically obvious, ranging from environmental sensitivities to chronic pain to learning challenges.

Seminar to Focus on Recognizing Signs of Dyslexia

Chillicothe Gazette (OH)

A nationally-known leading dyslexia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) expert will help local residents recognize dyslexia in loved ones and learn how to deal with it during a free local three-hour presentation Friday, March 6.

Seminar Tries to Clear Up Confusion About Inclusion

The Journal Times (WI)

A group of parents, educators, and disability advocates met Saturday with University of Wisconsin education professor Elise Frattura, clearing up the confusion of including special education students in regular education classrooms.

Senate Bill Would Increase Federal Support for RTI

On Special Education, Education Week

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday would put more federal money into literacy programs, including response to intervention—the early identification of students' learning problems and the use of focused lessons, or interventions, to address those problems before they become nearly impossible to reverse.

Senate Moves Forward on Education Package

Oregon Capitol News Blog

Two bills with potentially far-reaching consequences for Oregon's entire education system passed the Senate Monday. Senate Bill 250 passed 18-11 in the Senate after debate on the floor. The bill deals with Education Service Districts, or ESDs, which pool school districts' funds for special services.

Senior Turns Fear into Way to Help Others

WSOCtv.com (NC)

A local high school senior, who struggles with learning disabilities, has spent his teen years developing a love for swimming. And for his senior project, he decided to turn that interest into a way to help other children get over their fears.

Sequoya Student-Author Speaks At Holbrook Chamber About Having a Learning Disability

Suchem Patch (NY)

Sky Burke is a 12-year-old author from Holbrook attending Sequoya Middle School who recently became the youngest member of the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce. Burke gave a presentation to the Chamber at a previous meeting about living with her disabilities of dyslexia and dysgraphia, and the organization has posted it to their Youtube channel.

Serving Students with Special Needs in Charters


Critics of charter schools often complain they get higher-than-average test scores because they don't take a fair share of special education students. More than 16 percent of New York City public school students receive special education services, compared to about 11 percent of those in charters. But one charter is going out of its way to prove it can educate the neediest pupils alongside their non-disabled peers.

Serving the Needs of Special Little Ones

Times Union (NY)

Schonowe Preschool has been serving special-needs preschoolers for more than 20 years. Its special education program teaches toddlers and preschoolers through a variety of play and movement activities, based on a sensory integration dysfunction treatment model.

Sesame Street Goes Sensory Friendly

Disability Scoop

Sesame Street Live will do a performance designed to meet the special needs of those with autism and other disabilities.

Organizers say they are providing parents with production notes in advance so that kids can be prepared. What’s more, there will be quiet areas at the venue for anyone needing a break during the performance and extra space will be offered in the seating areas so that audience members can move around.

Setbacks Only Slow Progress, They Don't Stop It

ADHD Acceptance Blog, ADDitudeMag.com

I am back on deployment again, and my ship has set sail for South America and the Caribbean. For the last three weeks, I have slowly been getting back in the swing of things back at sea. Other than a minor ADHD setback I had last night, things have been going really well. I have worked hard and have been able to get a lot done.

Settlement to Aid OH Special-Needs Education

Columbus Dispatch (OH)

The parents of Ohio's 280,000 students with special needs should find it easier to ensure their children are receiving an appropriate education. A federal judge approved the partial settlement yesterday of an 18-year-old class-action lawsuit filed against the state by eight students with disabilities and their parents. "This is a huge victory for special-education students. It's as huge as DeRolph was," said Margaret Burley, executive director of the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities.

Seven Facts About Learning Disabilities and Written Expression

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Many people with learning disabilities (LD) struggle with written expression. For students with dysgraphia, the act of writing is difficult. Those with dyslexia often have serious difficulties with spelling. Also vulnerable are students who have weaknesses in areas such as vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, word retrieval and information processing deficits.

Shared Control of Special Education in LA Local High School Proved Problematic

Los Angeles Times

For its first year at Locke High School in Los Angeles, CA, charter school organization Green Dot Public Schools contracted with L.A. Unified School District to provide and evaluate teachers for students with disabilities. Poor communication between the agencies created personnel problems.

She Captures Special Moments

The Bradenton Herald (CA)

Shannon Campbell's son's ADHD made it hard for him to sit still for a formal photograph. That was the inspiration for starting her own photography company. Her Captured Images Photography specializes in photographing children with special needs. "I found it's much better to take candid shots and photograph the child where he's going to be comfortable wherever that may be," she said.

Shire Issues Voluntary Recall for ADHD Skin Patch

Boston Globe

Shire Ltd. said Monday it is voluntarily recalling some of its Daytrana attention deficit hyperactivity disorder skin patches because some people could have difficulty removing the release liner, or backing material, of the patch before applying it to the skin.

Shortage of ADHD Drugs Has Parents, Doctors Scrambling

Shots Blog, National Public Radio

When it's time to renew her son's prescriptions for medicine to treat his ADHD, Roxanne Ryan prepares for another wild goose chase. It's hard enough to cope with ADHD without having to call around to find where his prescription can be filled, Ryan says. It's some sort of luck that she also suffers from the disorder. So she's been able to meet his needs so far by giving him some of her prescription — while she does without. The scarcity of ADHD medications is a problem faced by an untold number of children and adults with the disorder.

Shortage of Special Education Teachers Includes Their Teachers

On Special Education Blog, Education Week

School districts often find themselves short of special education teachers, even as they lay off other educators. The Special Education Faculty Needs Assessment project found that part of the shortage is because of an ongoing dearth of special education faculty that may grow worse in the near future.

Signs of ADHD Evident by Preschool, Expert Says

Medical Xpress

One out of 11 school-aged children is diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and up to 40 percent of those kids may display symptoms in preschool, an expert says. Recognizing and treating the disorder early is important because ADHD has a profound effect on learning and academic development, says Dr. Mark Mahone, director of the department of neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

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