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Supporting Children with Learning Disabilities

Savannah Morning News (GA)

This parenting column discusses ways to support your child, including understanding their disability, finding their strengths, and identifying ways to work with the disability. 

Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Tips, Tricks and Tech for Teachers

The Guardian (UK)

1.2 million children in the UK have dyslexia, a print disability where students have difficulty reading and interpreting meaning. For them, though words are visible, they may swim or dance on the page and this can seriously affect their studies and performance. But with the right support from their teachers and the use of technology, simple changes can make a big difference. Technology is an important tool that can be used to support students with dyslexia with reading and writing. Here are some resources and ideas that teachers can employ, however, you should note that dyslexia manifests itself differently amongst children so it's important to try a combination of methods to find out what works best for them.

Supreme Court Backs Reimbursement for Private Tuition

Education Week

Federal law authorizes reimbursements for private school tuition, even when a child has never received special education services from a public school, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday. The justices ruled 6-3 in Forest Grove School District v. T.A. (Case No. 08-305) that 1997 amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act meant to rein in the costs of private school placements did not remove the power of hearing officers and federal judges to order such reimbursements under the proper circumstances.

Supreme Court Rules on Special Education Case


In a 6-to-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that school districts could be required to reimburse students who choose special education programs at private schools even if they did not try the public school's special education offerings first.

Supreme Court to Address Meeting the Needs of Special-Education Students

The New York Times

In a case with potential financial repercussions for school districts and families alike, the United States Supreme Court will soon decide when public schools must reimburse parents of special-education students for private-school tuition.

Supreme Court to Weigh IDEA, Strip-Search Cases

Education Week

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to add two more education cases to its docket for this term — one involving special education. In this case, the justices will return to an issue they deadlocked over in their last term: whether parents in a special education dispute with a school district may be reimbursed for "unilaterally" placing their child in a private school when that child has never received special education services from the district.

Survey: Assistive Aids and Devices For Adults 2006

Exchange Morning Post (Canada)

Canada has undertaken a Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS) to collect information on adults and children with disabilities. Here it looks at specialized equipment, the use and requirements of such aids and equipment, funding sources, and related obstacles. One finding: individuals with a learning limitation such as dyslexia had more unmet needs for assistive devices than individuals with any other disability.

Survey: Teachers Concerned About Resources for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Education Week

A large majority of U.S. teachers believe that schools are not doing enough to prepare students with diverse learning needs for success after high school, according to a nationwide survey released today.

Surviving ADHD at Work and School

US News and World Report

School means seven classes with seven different teachers. Work means all day, five days a week, in a pressure-filled, deadline-oriented office. In either setting, there are assignments to juggle, time to manage, and priorities to organize. For someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, success in school or the workplace is a moving and elusive target.

Sweet 16 and ADHD

ADHD Dad Blog, ADDitudeMag.com

Just last week, Coco was a 6-year-old Brownie camping in our back yard. Now she's 16 and I feel overwhelmed that we haven't done enough to prepare her, to make her safe in the real world with her ADHD.

Swift Growth in Vouchers Predicted in Georgia

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

When Georgia started its voucher program for special education students last year, state education officials and lawmakers were unsure how many students and private schools would participate. They called it a success when 899 children with disabilities received vouchers to leave their public schools and attend 117 participating private schools. They expect even better results this year.

Swimming has Helped D'Andrea's Confidence

Bucks County Courier-Times (PA)

High school swimming has been so much more than an activity for Maria D'Andrea. It's changed her life. The senior at Bensalem has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and stutters. But that did not stop her from trying out for the swim team.

Tackle Learning Disabilities, Ontario School Board Urged

The Windsor Star (Canada)

Citing "alarming" figures showing 60 percent of students with learning disabilities or behavior problems don't finish high school, a Canadian teachers' union urged the public board Wednesday to endorse a plan calling for more teachers, support staff and the restoration of early childhood educators.

Tackling Motherhood...And ADHD

National Public Radio

As more children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, parents are discovering they have it too. In the U.S., women have become the fastest growing group to be prescribed ADHD medication. In this week's parenting segment, host Michel Martin speaks with Jennifer Brown and Michelle Suppers — moms with ADHD and journalist Brigid Schulte, who recently covered the issue for The Washington Post Magazine.

Tactile Sensitivity May Challenge ADHD Kids

Connecticut Post (CT)

Question: "My grandson's physical therapist says some of his difficulties may be because of extreme sensitivity on the soles of his feet. He is 10 and has Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." Answer: "This boy may have tactile defensiveness," says Michelle Yoder.

Take a Break: Dancing Around Dyslexia

CBS 6 (NY)

David Wolf always wanted to dance. He opened the Saratoga Savoy in 2002 after realizing that dance was becoming more than just a hobby for him. But what some people may find most interesting, is that this man who glides across the dance floor was diagnosed with a condition sometimes associated with difficulty differentiating right from left: Dyslexia.

Taking Dyslexia to School and Overcoming It

News8 Austin (TX)

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and experts are taking the opportunity to show new and improved ways to help overcome the learning disability. Rawson-Saunders School is the only full curriculum school for elementary and middle school students with dyslexia in the greater Austin, TX area. The school uses research-based methods to meet the educational needs of each child in a supportive environment.

Taking Learning to a New Level

The Freeport News (The Bahamas)

HizUnHur Cenre, a multi-purpose facility that caters to the educational and computer needs of students from Pre-K through post high school in The Bahamas, opened its doors back in February. Owner Janure Culmer, who has a Masters in varying Exceptionalities and specialty in Special Education, said HizUnHur Centre provides for everyone's education needs.

Talk Therapy Touted as First-Line Treatment for Youth with Psychosis Risk


A small clinical trial led by an Australian researcher suggests that young people at very high risk for psychotic illness should engage in talk therapy as an initial treatment rather than take antipsychotic drugs.

Talking with Rick Riordan

The Austin American-Statesman (TX)

The Last Olympian, the fifth and final book in the best-selling Percy Jackson series, goes on sale on Tuesday. It's quite the capper to a series that started as a bedtime story for Riordan's son. Then a second-grader, Riordan's son struggled with reading because of dyslexia and ADHD. But he loved the ancient stories and characters of Greek mythology, so Riordan started making some up.

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