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Each week, LD OnLine gathers interesting news headlines about learning disabilities and ADHD issues. Please note that LD OnLine does not necessarily endorse these views or any others on these outside websites.

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Toronto LD Association Looking for Materials for Library

InsideToronto (Canada)

The Learning Disabilities Association Toronto District is looking for book and video donations after dozens of supplies have gone missing. Christina Ferri, resource facilitator for the association, said she noticed the lack of materials while reorganizing the library in June.

Tracing Images and Heeding Voices to Learn the Basics of Reading

The New York Times

"Apps are all about the basic skills of reading. But once a child has mastered “the cat sat on the mat,” it shouldn’t be too long before the youngster will be reading himself to sleep — if a parent is willing to give up that task."

Train the Brain: Using Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD

National Public Radio

In recent years, more people have been trying an alternative approach to ADHD called neurofeedback, a type of therapy intended to teach the brain to stay calm and focused. Neurofeedback is expensive, time consuming and still scientifically unproved. But, there's growing evidence that it can help.

Training Working Memory Skills

Learning Works for Kids

Get informed! Read up on working memory research and training techniques.

If you find yourself forgetting why you are standing in front of the refrigerator, or where you left your cell phone when you came home from work, we’ve got good news! If your daughter can’t seem to remember simple directions such as to brush her teeth (even though you’ve told her a thousand times), or your son regularly forgets that baseball requires a glove and a hat, we’ve got good news! Neuroscientists have demonstrated that intensive training can significantly improve working Memory, the skill you need for all of the aforementioned activities.

Tree Fu Tom: Developing Skills For Classroom Learning


Tree Fu Tom online has been designed to encourage children of all abilities to develop the skills that are essential for classroom learning. The games include three different levels of difficulty so that all young children can play and challenge themselves.

Trend Toward Tech Toys

Huffington Post

"As parents and teachers, we may be wondering if the introduction of technology into the lives of children is changing the way children play, learn, think and express their own creativity. Do the changes signal the demise of traditional toy and game play, or is it possible to encourage and manage both to the benefit of the child?"

Triad Academy Campaigns to Expand its Services

The Dispatch (NC)

Triad Academy of Winston-Salem, North Carolina was created in the late '90s by a group of parents to address the unmet academic needs of students who learn differently after seeing them fail in the mainstream of a traditional school. The school that serves students with dyslexia or a specific learning disability is looking to expand its services by launching a capital fund campaign that could possibly help the school expand or even relocate to serve more children.

Trouble with Math? It Could Be Dyscalculia

WINK News (FL)

Armenta Stalworth, 12, struggled with the most basic math. She was frustrated and so were the adults around her. But then she changed schools and someone recognized that she had dyscalculia, a math learning disability. "If I say to you, 'one,' you immediately have the image of one thing. And for this child, one and seven may all be confused. They don't have that feeling of one piece or seven pieces," says Dr. Joan Teach, director of the Lullwater School.

Trudie Styler on Living with ADHD and Dyslexia: Don't Give Up, Do Reach Out

Huffington Post

When Trudie Styler — the multi-talented actor, filmmaker, eco-activist, UNICEF ambassador, mother of four and Sting's partner for 29 years — first started school in the English Midlands, she had trouble learning to read. School officials sent her to get her eyes tested. When it turned out that the problem wasn't with seeing the blackboard, the diagnosis was simple: She must be "backwards."

Trusts Important for Special Needs Kids

Southeast Missourian

The parenting role of caring for special needs children never really ends. Even after a parent's life ends, special needs children will still need financial resources that will enable them to continue enjoying life. Facing the fact that their special needs child will someday be left alone is not easy, but parents who believe they've done all they can to assure the best future possible for their children have a good chance at relief. Special needs trusts can provide long-term financial security and a responsible disbursement of assets through the drafting of wills.

Trying to Learn How Learning Works

USA Today

A review in the current Science magazine makes the case for psychologists, neuroscientists, roboticists and teachers combining to quietly create a new field that combines everything from how brains grow to how classrooms work into a new kind of learning research.

Tuition Vouchers Bill Passes Florida House


The Florida House passed a measure that will allow more students with learning disabilities to go to private schools on state funding.

Turning Dyslexia into a Virtue

Abilene Reporter-News (TX)

Kendrick Meek and Francesca Yabraian are two fighters in a vast army that has been waging war against a common foe, for what seems like forever. They don't know each other — he is a Florida congressman now running for a Senate seat; she is a researcher and a computer expert. But they shared a common struggle to learn and accomplish, because they are among the millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability in makes it difficult to process letters and words.

Tutor is Driven by Past Struggle

The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

In elementary school, Griffin Smith watched his classmates read while he struggled to sound out the words. Diagnosed with severe dyslexia, he was held back a grade and worked weekly with a reading specialist. "I shook off the worst of my dyslexia by the beginning of third grade and began reading with a passion," Smith said. To show his gratitude for overcoming his dyslexia, he approached the principal of Gold Camp Elementary when he was in ninth grade to ask if he could mentor kids struggling with reading and writing.

Tutoring Centers Teach Children 'How to Learn'

Post-Bulletin (MN)

The Reading Center or Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota offers help to students who struggle with reading and trains teachers and parents in a method designed for such students. Unlike general tutoring centers, the Reading Center is geared toward helping students overcome reading and language difficulties.

TV Star Talks about Having Adult ADHD

amNewYork (NY)

Emmy nominated Howie Mandel, host of "Deal or No Deal," is raising awareness about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults through the national multimedia public service announcement campaign "Adult ADHD Is Real." This campaign and its Web site, AdultADHDIsReal.com, have been developed by a coalition of groups dedicated to ADHD education and awareness.

Two Families Win Special-Ed Disputes with Local CA School District

Fresno Bee (CA)

Two families in Clovis, CA have won legal victories in their fights with Clovis Unified School District to get more academic help for their special-needs children. In one case, a federal judge found that Clovis Unified failed to provide special-education services to a boy diagnosed with attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. In the other case, an administrative law judge found that the district denied a "free and appropriate public education" to a boy with autism.

U of W Student Conquering Dyslexia

The Windsor Star (Canada)

Imagine the teacher ordering the myopic kid in class to take off his glasses to ensure "a level playing field" with all those other sighted students who don't have the advantage of visual aids. A ridiculous proposition. But that is how dyslexic University of Windsor student Holly Ferguson often felt in high school whenever she would ask for extra time and a quiet room, away from other distractions, to write her exams.

U.B. Professor One of 67 Young Scientists Honored

Tonawanda News (NY)

University of Buffalo researcher Gregory Fabiano's work centers largely on children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His innovative and promising research on ADHD landed him a prestigious award that included a trip to the White House and a photo-op with President Bush last month. He was one of 67 researchers from around the country to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

U.S. Chamber Praises President Bush for Signing the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Into Law

The Financial (Ukraine)

The United States Chamber of Commerce applauds President Bush for signing into law on September 25 the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 saying the law strikes the right balance between protecting individuals with disabilities and clarifying the obligations and requirements of employers.

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