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Each week, LD OnLine gathers interesting news headlines about learning disabilities and ADHD issues. Please note that LD OnLine does not necessarily endorse these views or any others on these outside websites.

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SSD Showcases Film on Non-Apparent Disabilities

The Mills Campanil (NY)

On Oct. 21, Services for Students with Disabilities held its first event for students with non-apparent disabilities. The event was the premier of the film "Speaking Our Truths: Surfacing the Stories of Non-Apparent Disabilities," which follows the lives of several people who have struggled to receive an education with disabilities such as dyslexia or ADHD.

What's the Problem with Boys?

WINK News (FL)

Two-thirds of all learning disability diagnoses are for boys. But why is there such a discrepancy? Some experts say schools aren't sensitive enough to boys and their learning problems.

Greengate Holds Special Education Program

The Huntsville Times (AL)

On Thursday at 6:30 p.m., Greengate School will hold a program called "IEP or 504? What is the best option for your child in public school?" Dr. Natalie Frazier of Comprehensive Counseling will outline the process for getting special education services and accommodations for students in elementary through high school.

Lessons in Raising a Child with Attention Disorder

The Orange County Register (CA)

A Rancho Santa Margarita mom shares some advice learned the hard way: I work daily to parent effectively, given what we know about parenting the ADHD child. That is to say, what we think we know. I've learned a few lessons that I'm happy to share.

State, Special Ed Advocates Tussle Over Proposed Changes to IEPs

Gotham Schools (NY)

A new push by the state to standardize the way school districts plan which services special needs students should receive is rattling parents across New York. The state wants to implement one Individualized Education Plan (IEP) form for all schools. Advocates worry that this would weaken parents' ability to insure that their child receives services.

Cutting Edge: New Devices Make Learning Easier, Interactive, Fun

Courier Press (IL)

A look at new technologies in action at Reitz High School, including electronic devices that read any text for students with certain learning disabilities that make reading difficult. Students can listen to a reading selection without having to have a teacher read it to them.

OSU Player Who Once Struggled in School Now a Star in Class and on Court

The Oregonian (OR)

Oregon State volleyball player Ashley Evans struggled with severe dyslexia, but overcame her struggles to become a Pacific-10 Conference all-academic honoree and a standout on the team.

Behavior Problems in Children: Is it ADD/ADHD?

Miramichi Leader (Canada)

A psychotherapist says: Parents sometimes wonder if their child is naturally exuberant, and non-compliant, or if these are symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Here are the professional criteria a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD requires.

Injuries Link to ADHD Diagnosis

BBC News (U.K.)

Injuries in very young children are associated with later diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, U.K. research suggests. A study of 62,000 children shows both head and burn injuries before the age of two are linked with almost double the risk of ADHD diagnosis by age 10.

At Westmark, Hope Lives Here

Los Angeles Daily News (CA)

Parents send their children to Westmark, a school for those with learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention-deficit disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Then they arrive at the Encino campus, and something changes. They find something within themselves: the ability to learn.

Sophie Shows How to Cope With Dyslexia

Essex Echo (U.K.)

A pupil who is battling dyslexia has praised her teachers for their expert help in diagnosing and guiding her through her condition. Sophie Goddard, 13, was tested by teachers when she joined Belfairs High School in Leigh and was found to have the condition.

Freshman Excelling in Classroom Despite a Learning Disability

Arizona Daily Star (AZ)

Freshman Hannah Morgan has emerged this fall as the most consistent runner on the Pima College women's cross country team. But her work in the classroom impresses coach Greg Wenneborg even more. Morgan said she has dyslexia, a learning disability that impairs her comprehension of information.

District Working on Corrective Action for Special Education

The Trinidad Times Independent (Colorado)

An explanation of what the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) are, and how the BOCES for south central Colorado is helping member districts get into compliance with federal and state special education law. "I'm very hopeful that we are doing our part in providing good, solid services to you, and everybody is really engaged in the partnership," said the executive director.

Pelham Receives Inaugural Presidential Award

UB Reporter (NY)

Professor William E. Pelham Jr. was named the first recipitent of the new Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence at the University of Buffalo. Pelham is a leading expert in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and conducts a highly successful behavior-modification summer program at the university for children with ADHD.

Divorce Rates Higher when Child has ADHD


Parents of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be more likely than other parents to divorce before their child's 8th birthday, a new study of nearly 500 couples suggests. After that age, however, divorce rates were similar in both groups of parents.

‘I Just Hope My Story Will Show Other Dyslexics That They Can Achieve Their Dreams’

Western Mail (U.K.)

In this Dyslexia Awareness Week Alice Sutton hopes her story will help inspire other children with dyslexia to work hard, build on their talents and not give up on their dreams. At age 12 she finally found a school to help her, and now is in her first year at Staffordshire University.

(Opinion) Disabilities Not All the Same

The Observer (Canada)

Intellectual disabilities and learning disabilities are not interchangeable terms. "Learning disabilities" refers to a variety of disorders that affect the acquisition, retention, understanding, organization or use of verbal and/or non-verbal information. Learning disabilities are specific, not global impairments.

Is ADHD More Likely to Affect Movement in Boys or Girls?

Science Daily

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect movement in boys more than it does in girls, according to a new study. "Our findings suggest that the differences between boys and girls with ADHD show up not only in behavior and symptoms but also in development of movement control, likely because girls' brains mature earlier than boys' brains," said study author E. Mark Mahone, Ph.D., with the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Technology Choices Limited for Those with Disability

The Financial Times Limited (U.K.)

The biggest challenge for most IT system buyers is picking the right one, at the right price. The choice is far more limited, however, if they or their employees rely on "screen reader" technology to scan the text of a web page or application interface and present it in audio format.

There Is Help for Writing Problems

The Desert Sun (CA)

An educational psychologist answers a parent's question about assistive technology for a daughter just diagnosed with dysgraphia.

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