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Health Tip: Parenting a Child With ADHD

US News and World Report

Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often require special attention to help manage their behavior. The University of Michigan Health System offers these suggestions for parents of a child with ADHD.

Boilermakers Leave Messages Behind at Mintonye Elementary

Journal and Courier (IN)

When Mintonye Elementary School students went to the Purdue University football home opener, they didn't know they'd soon meet the players off the field — in their school gymnasium. Defensive tackle Ryan Baker told the kids about his own struggles with a learning disability and encouraged them not to make fun of each other but to respect their classmates.

Parents Gain Empowerment Through Workshop

The Spectrum (UT)

Parents gained power through knowledge at an Individual Education Plan workshop last week, learning the basics of an IEP for their children with special needs. "I am really excited with what I learned. Now I know the laws and rights I have." said Enoch resident Cheryl Benkert.

Report: ADHD and the Brain

Education Week

Researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore who are examining the neurological basis underpinning attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have shown that children with the condition have less activation in the brain region used to rapidly switch behavior.

Md. Parents Question Special-Needs Testing Mandate

The Baltimore Sun (MD)

This school year, Maryland will become the 24th state to require some sort of exit exam for graduation. Supporters say such tests raise academic standards. But critics believe they provide little benefit to those who pass and disproportionately affect students with learning disabilities.

(Opinion) Should We Put Our Kindergartener on an Individualized Education Plan?

Orange County Register (CA)

A teacher answers: I think you should get the IEP. That was a strange reaction from the school. You are not "saddling" her with a stigma of an IEP. Even if she qualifies for services, she is receiving individual support.

Helping People Deal With Dyslexia

Evening Courier (Canada)

Catherine Taylor has written about a subject that she is not just passionate about, but knows inside out — dyslexia. Her A Useful Dyslexia Handbook For Adults aims to be a simple, no frills book aimed at adults with dyslexia, their relatives, partners and friends, to explain why they are having problems and what they can do about it.

Parents of Learning Disabled Join as Education Advocates

Cradenton Herald (FL)

Myra Donnelly's son needed an early intervention program for his speech delay. But getting him enrolled in one in Manatee County was a struggle, she said. So she and other families started the Special Education Parent-Teacher Association to help parents know what programs are available, who to call, or how to deal with a bureaucracy. The group is registered with the National PTA.

Distracted, A Play About ADHD Will Keep Your Attention

City Pages (MN)

Lisa Loomer's Distracted, in its regional premiere at Mixed Blood, is a play about a specific issue — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Reactions to Distracted will be tinged by whether or not one has experience with ADHD, but it's a drama that stands on its own merits and finds a real heart amid its scattershot elements.

Report: fMRI Sheds Light on Reading Disabilities

Education Week

Children with reading disabilities use more of their brains to comprehend sentences, says one of the first published studies to use functional magnetic resonance imaging to compare brain activity associated with sentence comprehension among children with reading disabilities and typical readers.

Early Learning's Many Lessons

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)

A Russian neuropsychologist, a specialist in dealing with visual-spatial and visual-verbal functions of 5- through 9-year-olds, visited Leicester's Primary School Friday to see how that school deals with similar functions in 4-year-old preschoolers and pronounced the local program "incredible" and its teacher "brilliant."

New Technology Holds the Key to Supporting People with Learning Disabilities, Says Charity

The Guardian (U.K.)

The Rix Centre is holding a conference today to show health and social care managers how multimedia can revolutionize care. The centre was set up in 2004 to exploit new media for the benefit of the learning disabled community and has already trained 1,500 people in using new media such as digital cameras and social networking sites.

High School/High Tech


The Department of Labor's High School/High Tech program brings recruiters to talk to students about their companies. It also offers real-world experiences such as tours and job shadowing. The program helps students with learning disabilities identify their strengths and make informed decisions about their futures.

'Get Off My Back' Program Helps Children with ADHD

Daily Local News (PA)

Teenagers diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a neurobehavioral disorder, can find support in groups such as "Get Off My Back." A clinical psychologist facilitates the meetings once a month for a group of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 as part of programs offered by the local chapter of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Gene Link to Poor Reading Skills

BBC News (U.K.)

A common genetic variant may be partly to blame for poor reading ability, research suggests. Tests by the University of Oxford found people carrying the key sequence tended to perform worse than average in tests of their reading ability. The variant, carried by more than one in seven people, has already been associated with dyslexia.

Parents of Children with Disorders Find Guidance

The Ledger (FL)

An informational meeting evolved into an impromptu support group recently as some parents whose children have mental disorders, ranging from attention deficit to bipolar, met to learn what help the local National Alliance on Mental Illness can provide. Before the meeting ended, NAMI and parents agreed to run an ongoing support group in the Lakeland area.

It's Not Always As Easy as 1-2-3

The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Kids with dyscalculia have trouble deciphering numbers, in the same way dyslexics have trouble with letters, researchers say.

Helping Kids Break Stereotypes

Christian Science Monitor

First-graders learn firsthand about disabilities — and respect. Maggie Doben's unique program helps kids understand those with disabilities.

Parents Helping Parents

Hernando Today (FL)

Parents Stacy Walsh and Nikki Pierce created the Special Students of Hernando, a support group that functions more like a resource for local parents of students with disabilities. "When you begin your journey with a special needs child, you have to learn a whole new language," Walsh said.

State Board Revises Rules, Eases Some Controversies

The Washington Post (DC)

The Virginia State Board of Education approved revisions to special education rules yesterday that omitted two proposals that parents of disabled students had said would severely restrict their rights. But some parents said they are still worried about the state's procedures for evaluating children with special needs.

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