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Teen Drivers with ADD a Problem on the Road


Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for many teenagers, but the process was a bit more challenging for 19-year-old Mulligan of Acworth, Georgia. She has attention deficit disorder. Experts recommended that teenagers with ADD or ADHD stay in a learner's permit program longer, at least a year, and put off getting their license until they have more experience behind the wheel.

Author, Psychiatrist to Speak On ADD/ADHD

Naperville Sun (IL)

A world-renowned author, psychiatrist and attention deficit expert will be the guest speaker for two free community presentations highlighting the topic of ADD/ADHD. NCO Youth and Family Services announces Dr. Larry Silver will help to launch its new ADD/ADHD Choices and Challenges program.

Kent State Prof Is a Cover Girl

KentNewsNet (OH)

Advance, a trade magazine for speech-language pathologists, featured Kent State professor Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. The article, "Constructing an IEP: Six Steps to Success," sprang from a lecture she gave about balancing the spirit and intent of the individualized education plans while providing the student with the help he or she needs.

(Opinion) ADHD Awareness Week is Sept. 14-20

Battle Creek Enquirer (MI)

On the fifth anniversary of national ADHD Awareness Day, Congress has now designated a whole week to raise awareness about this pervasive and impairing neurobiological disorder. When we as a society understand that all brains are different and children need different supports based on actual differences in brain development, we will go far in the support of self-esteem and safety of these affected children.

Daniel Radcliffe: Breaking Dyspraxia's Spell

Telegraph (U.K.)

Not being able to tie his own shoelaces probably doesn't bother actor Daniel Radcliffe that much. The Harry Potter star's success means he won't have to worry too much about his illegible handwriting either. But when he recently admitted that he suffers from the neurological condition dyspraxia, he did a great service to the thousands of sufferers, by bringing it out into the open.

Learning Disability or Just Falling Behind?

Westport Minuteman (CT)

My child has been difficult and hard to handle this summer. His second-grade teacher expressed concern that he had been falling behind in his schoolwork. Now that he's going into 3rd grade, should I be worried that he may have learning disabilities and how do I find out about it?

Adult ADHD: The Moment of Focus

Sacramento Bee (CA)

Lunch rush was over, but distractions remained numerous inside the La Bou cafe just off Highway 49 in Auburn. Through it all, Cass Brown Capel stayed focused — eyes locked on her interviewer. You would have no inkling that Capel, a 54-year-old psychologist from Auburn, has been diagnosed with the adult version of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder since 1991.

Educating Kids with Disabilities

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

In 2005, when the high school that Ken Dreyfuss' daughter Elyssa planned on attending was shut down, he began his crusade to improve the outlook for children in the Bay Area with learning disabilities. His daughter has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Opinion: One-On-One Time in Class Has Vanished

Abbotsford Times, (Canada)

Why can't the public school system offer better individual, one-on-one specialized instruction for its students? It comes down to funding. Ministry of Education officials will tell you that they have increased their base funding for each. But where is the extra money for students with learning disabilities?

Special Education Proposals Ruled Out

Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)

Under pressure from politicians and thousands of parents of special-education students, the state education department has backed down from proposed rule changes that would limit parental consent for ending special-education services. The proposed rule changes drew 77,000 comments from the public — the most ever.

Research for ADHD Children Wins Professor Award

The Brown and White (PA)

A Lehigh professor was awarded the 2008 Senior Scientist Award by the American Psychology Association for his work with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Professor George DuPaul said "I chose ADHD because they are neat kids who are behaving all the time…. I wanted to learn why they had this disorder and how I could help besides popping pills."

Doctor: SMART Camp Helps Where Texas Schools Fail


All the North Texas students who went to SMART Camp — Strategic Memory And Reasoning Training Camp at the Dallas Center for Brain Health — have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. "We teach children strategies to help them learn how to reason," said camp director Dr. Jacque Gamino.

Happiness Linked To Reading Skills

The Press Association (U.K.)

A National Literacy Trust report looking at the effects of literacy on England's happiness found stark differences between those with good literacy skills and those without. The report, which looked in particular at men's happiness, found that only half of men with poor reading skills were satisfied with their life so far, compared with more than three-quarters of men with good reading levels.

Coaching May Help

The Times of Trenton (NJ)

Any effective intervention plan for ADHD should involve a comprehensive approach — possibly including an ADHD coach. Jane Milrod works as an ADHD coach with middle school and high school students, helping them understand what their priorities are, organize materials for school, and develop study plans to prepare for tests.

A Free Solution to Learning with Dyslexia

WHOI 19 (IL)

"He would come home and say 'you don't understand me, you don't understand me,'" said Judy Joosten, Jacob's mom. "Well, we didn't understand him, we didn't know how he spelled, couldn't figure out why he couldn't spell." It wasn't until last year when Jacob, who has dyslexia, came to the Masonic Learning Center for Children that things started to make more sense.

Nine Out of 10 Students in Class of '08 Pass California High School Exit Exam

The Mercury News (CA)

About 9 in 10 students from the Class of 2008 have passed the California High School Exit Exam, according to data released by the state this morning. But thousands more are still struggling to master the test and earn their high school diploma. This year marks the first time that special education students are required to take and pass the exit exam.

(Opinion) A Special Plan for Palin: Vouchers

National Review Online

Sarah Palin says, if elected, she would be "a friend and advocate in the White House" to children with special needs. It would be great to have an advocate for special-needs kids in the White House. It would be even better if that advocate endorsed the most promising reform for improving special education — vouchers for disabled students.

Measure for Measure, Teaching Approach Gaining Popularity

Star Tribune (MN)

More state schools are adopting a method called Response to Intervention (RTI) that quantifies progress and can quickly identify kids who need help most. Nearly 40 schools and districts are receiving coaching this year with help of a three-year federal grant, and an additional $1 million from the state Legislature for a two-year effort.

Sometimes a Tutor is the Right Answer to a Student's Struggles at School

Courier & Press (IL)

If your child is struggling in school, you might be tempted to try to help your child figure things out. But the parent-child relationship is often too emotionally charged. Instead consider a tutor. Here's a few things parents should know when looking for a tutor.

Book Review: 'Lightning Thief' Good Read for Kids, Adults

Wausau Daily Herald (WI)

Percy Jackson, the young hero of "The Lightning Thief" is far from perfect; he has ADD and dyslexia and has been kicked out of more schools than he can count. He soon learns, however, that he is in fact a demi-god — half god, half human. Ultimately, it is a story about finding your gifts, even if you think you don't have any, and using them in the best way possible.

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