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Effective Teaching Strategies for Dyscalculia


Dyscalculic children are very aware of being worse at math than their peers. Math class soon becomes very discouraging to them as they experience constant failure and are left behind. They often develop anxiety and avoidance behaviours.

Discover several effective strategies for teaching students with dyscalculia on this site!

Defining Executive Dysfunction

Learning Works for Kids

Executive dysfunctions, or difficulties employing executive functioning skills, are telltale features of most psychiatric diagnoses in children. In fact, many leading researchers are now primarily defining Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as an executive functioning disorder. Similarly, many youngsters who have learning disabilities display an array of executive dysfunctions that underlie many of their academic struggles.

Video Games May Aid Children With Dyslexia

The New York Times

Playing action video games may improve reading in children with dyslexia, Italian researchers have found. The small study, published online last week in Current Biology, involved two groups of 10 dyslexic children. One group played action video games for nine sessions of 80 minutes each, while the other followed the same routine with nonaction games.

Maryland Special Ed Advocates Lobby to Dispute IEPs

Washington Post

Parents in Montgomery County are leading efforts to make it easier for Maryland families to dispute a child’s special education plan in legal hearings. The parents have been lobbying in favor of a bill that would require school systems to defend Individual Education Programs in due process legal disputes, regardless of who initiates the proceedings.

Visual Thinking Strategies

The New York Times

Take a look at the Learning Network's (NYT) weekly feature done in collaboration with Visual Thinking Strategies. They publish a NYT image without a caption or any other clues about its origins, then invite students to write in to discuss what they see in it. Full information about the image is posted 24 hours later.

Time Management Fundamentals

Learning Works for Kids

Time Management is the thinking skill that helps children to prioritize tasks and complete duties in a timely fashion. It involves accurately judging the amount of time it will take to complete a task and knowing how to stick to a schedule. An example of good Time Management skills would be when a child decides to finish their homework and chores immediately after school so they have time to watch TV later in the evening.

SAT Prep Tools

Veritas Prep

Preparing for SAT Reading can be nerve-wracking for many students across the country each year. A mistake that many make is cramming in a lot of study into a very short period of time. You can prepare far better and be more confident by starting well in advance. Find useful preparation materials on this site!

ADHD Persists into Adulthood, Study Finds

Discovery News

Picture someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and you probably conjure up an image of an elementary school-age boy. But an analysis of data from the first large, population-based study to follow kids through to adulthood shows that the neurobehavioral disorder rarely goes away with age.

ADHD doesn't go away with adulthood, one study finds. Our focus should be on strategies, not a cure.

Training Working Memory Skills

Learning Works for Kids

Get informed! Read up on working memory research and training techniques.

If you find yourself forgetting why you are standing in front of the refrigerator, or where you left your cell phone when you came home from work, we’ve got good news! If your daughter can’t seem to remember simple directions such as to brush her teeth (even though you’ve told her a thousand times), or your son regularly forgets that baseball requires a glove and a hat, we’ve got good news! Neuroscientists have demonstrated that intensive training can significantly improve working Memory, the skill you need for all of the aforementioned activities.

Spelling Tricks to Keep You from Stumbling!

Tips for Reluctant Readers

There are many words that are difficult to spell. There are also a number of words that either look alike or sound alike, and it is difficult to remember when to use each one. Here are some useful tips and techniques!

How are LDs Diagnosed?


Wondering what assessments are used to diagnose learning disabilities?

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of different screening tools and assessment measures available that assist general and special educators, psychologists, physicians, and others to capture and document the nature of a person’s struggle with learning.

Dsypraxia USA Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

Dyspraxia USA

Dyspraxia USA is having a Barnes and Noble book fair fundraiser online from Sunday March 10th to Friday March 15th. Dyspraxia USA will get a percentage of all sales on Barnes and Noble’s website when the Bookfair ID 11007481 is entered in the designated field found at the bottom of the payment page when checking out.

Number Sense: Rethinking Math Instruction

LD OnLine

We describe the concept of number sense, an analog as important to mathematics learning as phonemic awareness has been to the reading research field. Understanding the concept of number sense and relevant research from cognitive science can help the research community pull together fragmented pieces of earlier knowledge to yield a much richer, more subtle, and more effective means of improving instructional practice.

Dysgraphia: Accommodation Options

LD OnLine

Educators, take heed: here are alternatives to written expression to help your dysgraphic students!

Many students struggle to produce neat, expressive written work, whether or not they have accompanying physical or cognitive difficulties. They may learn much less from an assignment because they must focus on writing mechanics instead of content. After spending more time on an assignment than their peers, these students understand the material less. Not surprisingly, belief in their ability to learn suffers. When the writing task is the primary barrier to learning or demonstrating knowledge, then accommodations, modifications, and remediation for these problems may be in order.

Hiring Requirements Eased For Those With Disabilities

Disability Scoop

Traditionally, many people with disabilities have been required to prove their “job readiness” in order to be hired by the nation’s largest employer. Not anymore. Under a new rule issued late last week, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management said that people with intellectual, psychiatric and severe physical disabilities will no longer be required to provide certification that they are ready to work when applying for jobs with the federal government.

Language-Based Learning Disability: What to Know

LD OnLine

The development of fluent language skills is rooted in complex cognitive processes that include attention, auditory and visual perception and processing, memory, and executive function. Students who have difficulty in any of these areas may also have difficulty acquiring the facility with language that school requires. To understand a reading selection, for example, students must be able to pay attention to the task of reading, decode the words, retrieve vocabulary and related knowledge from memory, and recognize the syntax and structure of discourse.

How to Start a Local Decoding Dyslexia Chapter

Huffington Post

Even by conservative estimates, one in ten children is dyslexic. Why should our students have to fail before they qualify for help? Why are so few teachers trained to teach them? Why are the evidence-based programs not being used in every school? Finally, if we know that dyslexia is a condition that responds well to early intervention and prevents children from suffering from a host of other problems, why are public schools not taking a proactive approach? One group of parents in New Jersey decided to do something to address these issues.

Self-Advocacy for College Students with LD

LD OnLine

The need for self-advocacy skills in a post-secondary setting is essential. Students who have relied on the support of their parents and others now must be able to help themselves. This vital "rite of passage" enables the learning disabled individual to prepare for independence and success in the adult world. Self-advocacy for college students with learning disabilities can be defined as the ability to recognize and meet the needs specific to one's learning disability without compromising the dignity of oneself or others. Most parents and professionals involved with preparing students with learning disabilities for college would agree that independent decision-making and the ability to express one's needs are two critical elements of self-advocacy.

Connect with Others in Dyscalculia Forum!

Dyscalculia Forum

Did you know that 4-6% of the world's population has dyscalculia? If you are among this group and looking for specific support, this forum is an excellent place to start! Connect with others who share similar experiences, and discover the many resources that await you.

Visual Math Tool for High Schoolers

Visual Mathematics

Visual mathematics is an online tool that clearly illustrates high school-level math concepts. Math homework frustration could soon be a thing of the past...

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