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Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan Have Shared Link of Overcoming Dyslexia

The Star Ledger (NJ)

They have written about it in their books, and share a quiet pride in perhaps being an example to others, but never realized the common link between them. Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan, perhaps the Jets' best-known personalities, have both overcome dyslexia, the learning disability that affects a person's ability to read and process information.

Feds Pledge More Focus on Outcomes for Students With Disabilities

Education Week, On Special Education blog

Federal special education officials on Monday reaffirmed a pledge to focus more on how special education students are faring, rather than almost exclusively concentrating on whether states are technically upholding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Signs of ADHD Evident by Preschool, Expert Says

Medical Xpress

One out of 11 school-aged children is diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and up to 40 percent of those kids may display symptoms in preschool, an expert says. Recognizing and treating the disorder early is important because ADHD has a profound effect on learning and academic development, says Dr. Mark Mahone, director of the department of neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

ADHD Experts: What I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed


Receiving a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be overwhelming, confusing and liberating. Now you have a name for your longtime struggles. But you also might have many questions, such as: Where do I go from here? Clinicians and coaches who have ADHD reflect back on the days they were diagnosed, revealing the insights they wish they would've known.

Florida to Cut Schools for Severe Disabilities From Grading System

Education Week, On Special Education blog

Florida education officials are taking steps to undo requirements that schools for students with significant cognitive disabilities are rated on the same scale as other public schools.

Self-directed Learning Helps Some Students Reach Goals, Study Suggests


Students with cognitive and learning disabilities that were taught the fundamentals of self-determination were more likely to access mainstream curricula and achieve their academic and other goals, according to new research by Karrie Shogren, a professor of special education in the College of Education.

Learning to Live with ADHD

Montreal Gazette

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents is how to deal with their children’s difficult behaviour. When their children have traits of, or are found to have, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the complaints are greater, as are the feelings of frustration and exasperation. These children do have different challenges and needs. Once the parent can apply more effective strategies and tools, they report a marked increase in co-operation with their child and much more harmony at home.

At Senate Hearing, Witnesses Offer Alternatives to Restraints, Seclusion

Education Week, On Special Education blog

While many of the reports and previous testimony on the subject in the House have centered on horror stories in which students were severely injured or died because they were restrained or isolated without supervision, the witnesses who testified at a Senate hearing on restraints and seclusion were generally measured and offered specific solutions for reducing their use, and misuse, in schools.

Education: A Long View on Learning Disabilities

Palo Alto Online News (CA)

After nearly a half-century of working with learning disabilities, Pat Morrissey and Carolyn Compton have witnessed every trend — as well as the birth of an industry. Special education didn't even have a name when Morrissey was hired by the Palo Alto Unified School District in 1964 to teach in a "reading program" for struggling students. Fast forward to today: Bright kids who once would have fallen through the cracks because they "couldn't read" can get diagnosed and taught compensatory techniques -- including use of technology tools — to help them get through college and beyond.

Packers Assistant Coach Takes on Dyslexia

Journal Sentinel (WI)

Joe Whitt Jr. has an agenda, starting with his 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, but reaching further than that, if he can help it. He is a "geek" — as in, the nationwide library campaign that encourages everyone, especially children, to use these carefree summer days to crack open a book and open their worlds. When Whitt opened up about his dyslexia right before Super Bowl XLV he looked like a good role model for the library campaign, so they contacted him and he agreed to help.

Brain MRI Diagnoses Dyslexia Early

Hive Health Media

A recent study conducted at the Children’s Hospital Boston has concluded that the brain activity recorded on MRI scans even before a child actually learns to read could provide an early diagnostic marker for Dyslexia. It has been found that children at risk for Dyslexia have significant differences in brain activity that can be captured through MRI scans even before the child is capable of picking up his first lessons.

Identifying Early Signs of ADHD In Kids


Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder exhibit an inability to sit still or focus, but parents may be able to identify some of the signs of ADHD very early on.

Education Department to Study ELLs with Disabilities

Education Week, Learning the Language blog

Challenges related to identifying English-language learners who have disabilities and providing appropriate services for them are about to become the subject of a U.S. Department of Education "exploratory" study.

Can E-Readers Ease Reading for Dyslexics?

KQED MindShift

Are there ways to make reading easier for dyslexics? Surprisingly, the answer appears to be yes, and the methods experts are using to ease the act of reading are remarkably simple and concrete. With changes in the spacing, the size, and the appearance of text, studies are showing, children with dyslexia can read more quickly and accurately, allowing them to get the reading practice they need to improve.

Follow-Up Study Reveals Executive Function Impairment in Girls with ADHD


The research on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is abundant and varied. An emerging area of research for ADHD involves exploring how executive function is impaired in female clients. Although more attention has been given to ADHD in girls in recent years, few studies have revealed evidence of longitudinal effects of ADHD in this population. To address this void, Meghan Miller of the Department of Psychology at the University of California recently published data from a study that followed the trajectory of executive function impairment in a sample of 140 female ADHD clients and 88 female controls.

New Choice Program in Mississippi for Children with Dyslexia

Education Week, On Special Education blog

A new Mississippi law gives children with dyslexia the option of using vouchers to attend private schools, or another public school, if the schools have dyslexia-specific instruction. The law, which takes effect this week, was championed by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant, who has said he struggled with dyslexia as a child.

Earlier May Be Better for ADHD Meds in Kids

ABC News

Children with ADHD who start taking medications as early as fourth grade may be more likely to score better academically than those who start taking medication in middle school, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

US Approves New Generic ADHD Drug

Fox News

Regulators have ruled against Shire in a battle over generic copies of its hyperactivity drug Adderall XR, approving a cut-price version of the medicine from Actavis, which is being bought by Watson Pharmaceuticals.

Study: Daily Report Cards Improve Behavior of Students With ADHD

Education Week, On Special Education blog

Getting report cards once every six, eight, or 10 weeks is probably too often for some students. How about every day? So-called "daily report cards" appear to improve the behavior of students with ADHD, a new What Works Clearinghouse review of a study concludes.

IndyCar's Justin Wilson Promoting Dyslexia Awareness


Justin Wilson still remembers a time when his classmates considered it laughable that he might one day grow up to become a professional race car driver. The IndyCar Series driver had a tough time growing up in Sheffield, England, struggling to read lessons or do the writing it took to complete his school work. Only later, around age 14, would he be diagnosed with dyslexia.

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