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RSS Feeds

LD news is available as RSS feeds. RSS is the "technology built into blogs to notify you of updates. You can get these updates on a web page, in your email inbox, or on your PDA."

If you click an RSS link but do not have a compatible reader installed, you will see XML code in your browser. To view the headlines, paste the feed address into an RSS news reader (see the sample list of readers below), or use a browser which supports RSS feeds.

Currently, LD OnLine offers LD News as an RSS feed. Click on the RSS icon on the LD News page to receive the feed.

Sample list of RSS readers

Note for organizations without RSS capability

Organizations with web sites that run off of older content management systems may not have the ability to display RSS-fed information on their sites. If this is the case, you can still automatically display LD OnLine's headlines on your site simply by inserting one line of code we've created into your web page. Please contact us for information on how to do so.


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