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The following are links to recommended organizations and web sites that provide information on learning disabilities, ADHD, and other issues.

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Pacific DBTAC

The purpose of the Pacific ADA & IT Center (Pacific DBTAC) is to build a partnership between the disability and business communities and to promote full and unrestricted participation in society for persons with disabilities through education and technical assistance.

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that serves the educational community in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific islands, the continental United States, and countries throughout the world. PREL bridges the gap between research, theory, and practice in education and works collaboratively with schools and school systems to provide services that range from curriculum development to assessment and evaluation.

Pakistani American Anjuman

The Pakistani American Anjuman is a non-political, non-sectarian, cultural, and social organization that strives to promote the presence of the people from Pakistan living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Our mission is to provide cultural and social interaction for the families and individuals of the Pakistani community and to offer a variety of programs and services to its members.

Pakistani American Association of Connecticut

Established in February 2000, the Pakistani American Association of Connecticut is a non-profit organization of Pakistanis, committed to preserving, supporting and enhancing the economic development of Pakistan and Pakistanis in Pakistan and in the United States. PAACT is devoted to remain politically unaffiliated and to deliver its program to promote economic development in Pakistan.

Pakistani American Association of Greater Washington, Inc.

The Pakistan Association is unaffiliated with any government or political party, operates as a non-profit organization and aims to: promote goodwill, understanding and fellowship among Pakistani-Americans and community at large; organize national, cultural and social events to promote art, music, literature and other cultural aspects of Pakistani life; organize trade shows, food festivals and antique shows and create a network to locate business opportunities for community members; educate the community on political, social and economic issues and raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities; coordinate efforts to represent the Pakistani community's perspective on various issues.

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER)

The mission of PACER Center is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents.

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center assists the families of children with disabilities through education, information and training. PEATC builds parent-professional partnerships to promote success in school and community life.

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (VA)

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center builds positive futures for Virginia's children by working collaboratively with families, schools and communities in order to improve opportunities for excellence in education and success in school and community life. PEATC has a special focus on children with disabilities.

Parent Institute for Quality Education

This website outlines the work PIQE has been doing to promote parent involvement by providing nine-week training courses that will assist parents in understanding the U.S. educational system and becoming better advocates for their children.

Parent Involvement in Education

This is a Northwest Regional Education Laboratory article from 1989 that examines the benefits of parent involvement on student achievement. Even though the article was written nearly twenty years ago, the information still stands today.

Parent-Child Home Program

The Parent-Child Home Program (formerly the Mother-Child Home Program) is a proven, innovative home-based literacy and parenting program serving families challenged by poverty, low-levels of education, language barriers and other obstacles to educational success.

Parents + Schools = Successful Children: Practioner Guide

The Parents + Schools = Successful Children series is a project developed by the National Center for Family Literacy. The project includes bilingual materials to promote the importance of parent involvement and literacy support at home. This Practitioners' Guide offers numerous ideas and resources for reaching out to parents.

Parents as Teachers

Parent education and readiness program supporting parent education and developmental activities with infants and toddlers. Services include home visits, group meetings, developmental screening and referral to additional resources if needed.

Parents' Choice: Chicano and Chicana Books for Everyone

Parents' Choice reviews a sample of six Chicano books for children, discussing the ways that the books both resonate with Chicanos and enlighten and inspire readers of other backgrounds as well.

Partnering to Create a College-Going Culture: Resource Guide

Prepared as part of the Building Educational Success Through (BEST) Collaboration in Los Angeles County initiative, this report is meant to serve as a resource for local educators aiming to build and maintain partnerships geared toward cultivating college going cultures in their schools.

Partners for Inclusive Communities, University of Arkansas

Formerly known as the University Affiliated Program, we are Arkansas' University Center on Disabilities.

Partnership for After School Education

The Partnership for After School Education (PASE), a New York City-focused organization, promotes and supports quality afterschool programs for youth, particularly those from underserved communities, enabling them to identify and reach their full potential.

Parts of a Book (Riddles)

These riddles from TeacherVision.com offer a good review for ELLs just learning new vocabulary words related to books.

Pat Mora: Bookjoy Blog

The Bookjoy Blog was founded by Pat Mora in 2008 to share some "joy of reading" events such as book festivals and Children's Day, especially in the context of the Latino community.

Pathfinder Family Center

Pathfinder Family Center consists of two statewide federally funded education projects: Pathfinder Parent Training and Information (PTI), serving families of children with special needs and NDPASS Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) assisting families and schools in general education.

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