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The following are links to recommended organizations and web sites that provide information on learning disabilities, ADHD, and other issues.

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Colorín Colorado: ELLs and the Joy of Writing

This previous Bright Ideas article offers tips for differentiating writing activities, and other ways to help ELLs discover the joy of writing.

Colorín Colorado: How to Help ELL Students Leap to Success

This article offers suggestions for helping teachers guide ELLs through the critical transition between third and fourth grade.

Colorín Colorado: Back-to-School Resources

Lots of links to helpful resources for new as well as experienced teachers and other educators who are looking for more information on how to start the year right with their ELL students.

Colorín Colorado: Culturally Responsive Instruction for Holiday and Religious Celebrations

The article offers suggestions for culturally sensitive instruction that teachers can use throughout the school year, as well as when observing cultural and religious holidays and celebrations.

Colorín Colorado: ELL Learning Disabilities FAQs

Colorín Colorado has gathered some frequently asked questions from educators about ELLs and learning disabilities in this section.

Colorín Colorado: ELL Reading Instruction Resources

These websites include instruction strategies, bilingual activities, and a wide variety of multimedia online resources.

Colorín Colorado: ELL Starter Kit

The Colorín Colorado "Starter Kit" has many helpful forms to help educators keep better records of their students’ literacy and language skills, a list of Spanish-English cognates, and helpful phrases and words in Spanish.

Colorín Colorado: ELLs and Learning Disabilities

Colorín Colorado presents a variety of articles about ELLs with Learning Disabilities in our Topics A to Z section.

Colorín Colorado: For Educators

This section includes information on teaching content areas and reading strategies to ELLs.

Colorín Colorado: Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Colorín Colorado celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with their Web site that offers fun activities, information, podcasts and more about Latino culture and tips for English-language Learners (ELLs).

Colorín Colorado: Information on Early Literacy

These articles provide information on a variety of early literacy topics, including how to support young learners as they develop the skills that form the foundation for learning to read.

Colorín Colorado: Learning about Your Students' Backgrounds

This article offers ELL teachers some tips for learning more about diverse student backgrounds.

Colorín Colorado: Parent Guide to Standardized Testing

Colorín Colorado: Parent Outreach

These articles provide information for educators about how to involve parents in school activities and how to encourage reading at home.

Colorín Colorado: Parent Outreach

A list of resources to help educators establish a strong connection with bilingual families.

Colorín Colorado: Parent Tip Sheets

Tip sheets for parents in 11 different languages with literacy development activities for children of all ages, including tips for parents of infants and young children about reading together and early literacy activities.

Colorín Colorado: Poems for Everyone Booklist

Celebrate poetry with these wonderful collections of poems from different cultures. Many of the featured books are bilingual in English and Spanish, offering poems for a wide-ranging audience.

Colorín Colorado: Providing the Right Learning Opportunities for Latino Student Success

Interview with Dr. Frances Contreras about her research on Latino students and educational opportunities.

Colorín Colorado: Reaching Out to Hispanic Parents of English Language Learners

Reading Rockets and the American Federation of Teachers have developed the Colorín Colorado-AFT Toolkit for Teachers: Reaching Out to Hispanic Parents of English Language Learners. This toolkit includes background information on reaching out to Hispanic parents, four sample workshops, videos in Spanish and English, and bilingual handouts.

Colorín Colorado: Reading and Understanding Written Math Problems

This article offers a concise overview of strategies for helping ELLs master written word problems. The author is a middle school math teacher in a building with a high ELL population.

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