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Why are these ads on LD OnLine?

LD OnLine provides authoritative guidance on learning disabilities, ADD, and dyslexia in an easy-to-read and useable form. In order to maintain a quality website, funds are required. Expenses include the cost of servers, computer hardware, software, technology, and personnel. These ads are currently an important income stream. LD OnLine is working to find funds to replace the income from Google Ads, but until it does, the ads must be on the site. We have provided Consumer Tips to help you evaluate the advertisements.

Where do these ads come from?

Ads by Google are advertisements that appear beside related content on each page. Google uses its search engine to find words which match the ad. This makes the ad relevant to what you are reading.

The web publishers who display "Ads by Google" are part of the Google AdSense program and the ads come from Google's base of AdWords advertisers. These are advertisements and are not monitored or reviewed by LD OnLine.

The relationship between LD OnLine and Google

Neither Google nor any advertiser featured in Google's sponsored links has any control over or involvement in LD OnLine's editorial process. In addition, LD OnLine does not endorse or approve the content. When product or service ads appear on the website, it does not mean that LD OnLine supports or advocates their use. Neither Google nor WETA can guarantee that ads will be appropriate for all audiences. Please use discretion.

How are the links selected?

Google and LD OnLine have filters that screen out certain ads known to be objectionable or illegal. However, for technical reasons, these filters cannot screen out all problematic ads. LD OnLine monitors a small sample of the ads. Thousands of ads appear on our pages and they change as new advertisers join and leave the system, so it is not possible for us to check them all. If LD OnLine finds an ad that we deem editorially inappropriate or if we are informed about one, we will make every effort to remove the ad as quickly as possible and block it from appearing again.

Please give us feedback

We encourage you to provide any feedback you might have about these ads. If you feel one should be removed, let us know and we will consider doing so. To remove the ad, you will need to provide us the ad's URL. Write us at info@ldonline.org, with "Ad Feedback" in the subject line. Your comments will be considered as we evolve our advertising and other aspects of the site.

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About these ads
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