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Dollar-UP Method

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Posted Jan 29, 2004 at 4:13:16 PM
Subject: Dollar-UP Method

Has anyone heard of the "Dollar-Up" method for teaching students the concept of using only $1.00 dollar bills to purchase items. For example, if the cashier says the items cost $1.98 the student is taught to give $2.00 so that they don't have to understand the concept of coin values (since the student's learning disability is so significant)? Can anyone tell me where to learn more about this method? Thanks

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Posted:Jan 30, 2004 3:28:18 PM

That sounds like a reasonable "cope-out" -- give one dollar more and hope you get the right change... I bet it's been "invented" by a lot of people :-)
So, you'd just teach to look at the number BEFORE the dot and add one.

Now, a person wiht an LD severe enough not to be able to handle change may also have a lot of trouble handling figuring out how many dollars to give, too -- and, of course, I would be very reluctant to give up on learning -- by the time you carefully teach how much the bills are worth, it would seem you could spend the extra time and carefully teach the coins, too.

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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Posted:Feb 01, 2004 1:29:11 AM

I have heard of this, but more applied to more severe populations than ld. Of course it would work. I call this the "It's too much trouble or the line is too long approach." :-)


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