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Posted Feb 17, 2004 at 2:38:29 PM
Subject: assessment questions

Sorry ihave poted this same question in a few forums but I really am hoping for some replys...I hav eto b etested for learning disabilities next week and I am wondering what to expect. I already went through the initial stuff (the interview and the questionaire...)so next week I meet with the psychologist for the first of a few 3 hour meetings.
What will happen at this meeting? What kind of tests t othe y give? Are they written tests or do the ask me the questions? Is it just me in there or will there be other students? Do they give me an IQ test?
Anyone feel like sharing what will happen? PLease? :)
Thanks for any replys :)

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Posted:Feb 17, 2004 5:19:29 PM


I had just taken my ld testing in October of last year. The last time I had ever done it was just years ago. You just walk in there, where you will be the only student, and try your best on everything. That is all you do. They make you do block puzzles and all sorts of stuff where you even have to write out things and whatnot. Just try your best. If you do not understand the directions to a test, have them repeat it. The most important thing is to be very honest with yourself and try your very best. Sometimes you can be learning disabled and just get used to covering things up a bit, you know? Don't do that on your learning disability testing, you just take all those tests and stuff they will be giving you and just do them as if your life depended on it and try your best. Don't be nervous, don't be scared, just be yourself. And once again...try your best. Peace to you.

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Posted:Feb 17, 2004 5:38:49 PM

Thank you for replying to me...how long was your testing? I'm just scared that it might be so long (they booked me for 3 hours for the first testing) that I might get too tired from it all to do well!
I hope there are lots of puzzles and things for me to do instead of reading and writing stuff!
anyhow thanks for the advice :)

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