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can students be retested mid semester?

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Posted Feb 18, 2004 at 6:27:05 PM
Subject: can students be retested mid semester?

My daughter is a second semester freshman at a major university. After being a very sucessful student her entire academic life, she is in the process of being tested for add/ld-the tester is sure she has some kind of learning problem-we are waiting for the resutls. Meanwhile, she has gotten several F's while the universisty carries out the testing. Does 504 require the she be given the opportunity to re-take these test, with accomodation? If anyone has had this experience, it would be very helpful as this is a whole new world to us-and as a parent at long distance, its alittle hard to get the information I would like.

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Joe Tag
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Posted:Feb 18, 2004 9:05:48 PM

Hi. In my experience, there are several things to be considered.
Some of what I have to write may be tough to take.
Your daughter is only a freshman, taking 1000 or 01XX level classes
( where "01XX" notes a "developmental" class. ), am I right?
She is still early in her studies. When are the results due?
The end of the current semester is when; May?
Depending on the tests, and their results, she may need to:
take an "incomplete" and retake tests; OR write Term-Papers
instead of taking tests.
She needs to make sure she knows what to do, to make-up
tests, get an "Incomplete" and fix the semester.
Please make sure she is in contact with you, and the College LD Support
Program Office, and others ( Advocacy Office for Students with Disabilities ). Keeping a record of appointments with these folks helps!
Make sure she has the syllabus from all courses taken, and information on
how to keep in touch with her professors/instructors.

Most colleges have a Provost or VP Academic Affairs. Find out who that
person is, and how to get in touch with them ( phone, fax, and email ).

Good luck.

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Posted:Feb 18, 2004 10:12:34 PM

IT's a big Maybe. Joe.tag is right. I would be looking for somebody to be an advocate (we've got two folks that do that full time for developmental level students) -- but unfortunately it may be a case of "withdraw and repeat." It's hard (though not necessarily impossible) to get a true "Do Over" in college. No, 504 does not require that she get to retake things -- basically, the responsibility is the student's to identify herself and request the accommodations.

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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