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Posted Feb 24, 2004 at 4:03:43 PM
Subject: College 504

I have a daughter attending her freshman year in college. She had accomodations in high school, but never any documentaion. The principle states that none was needed due to the fact that they were aware of her problem and addressed it appropriatly with accomodations. They did seem to work well with her and even hired a full time RN to address her specific needs. We were told the position was created and filled only for our daughter, and would be discontinued after her graduation. (a little guilt was placed on us and we were hesitant to ask for anything more). My problem now is that postsecondary education does not typically provide 504 documentation, and since we don't have any from High school, we are responsible for securing it. I do not know how to get 504 paperwork for college age students. She does not have LD, but a physical disability only. Can anyone help?


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Posted:Feb 26, 2004 8:25:11 AM

Hello. The short answer is to ask the school what type of evidence they will accept. They should have an office (or maybe just one person) handling this.

The students I have worked with as a vocational counselor and evaluator over the past few years (okay, it's really been 3 decades, but admitting it makes me feel even older) typically provide the college with a letter from their doctor that includes the diagnosis, or diagnoses, limitations and recommendations.

Here is how a young lady I met for the first time last week went about it. She was about to be suspended from college for the second time in 2 years for low grades when she decided that maybe she really did need some accommodations.

Not too long ago she arranged to have a neuropsych eval done in order to provide the school with evidence that she needed accommodations for limitations resulting from hydrocephalus. The school has been very helpful and she was referred to us(the state VR agency) for assistance with putting the last couple of accommodations in place and some additional career counseling.


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