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tricky questions!

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Posted Mar 04, 2004 at 8:56:08 PM
Subject: tricky questions!

I had my secodn day of LD testing today! (2 more to go though)...some of it was fun and some of it was hard! I wanted to know therightanswers but he wouldn't tell them to me! has anyone taken the wais iii? Thats the test I had today...here are some of the questions I have...can anyone help me with the right answers! IT's just bugging me!!

what is similar between a tree and a fly? what about between a friend and an enemy?

how many numbers is good to get for the thing when you have to list them backwards? how about for the number and letter thing where you have to put them in order?

how do they grade the test?

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Posted:Mar 04, 2004 11:28:33 PM


I replied to your post on the other board about the specific questions so I'll let that go here. I am interested in what others have to say though! :lol:

I don't know how they will grade your test. I know for the boys' test there were like three grades per test...

1) The actual grade. IE It took you 25 seconds to complete this test. This is the least helpful grade, in and of itself.

2) The grade equalalant. IE David took these tests when he was in grade 4.5 (the fifthed month of the fourth grade). His grade equaliant was 1.5 (equal to what the "average" kid does at the fifth month of first grade) or 10.9 or whatever.

3) The percentile grade. David proformed at 51%. (49% of fifth graders did better, 51% did worse.)

These are not the correct titles. I don't remember them.

The last one was very important for us as our state uses this to determine if services will be offered at the school. David needed to proform 1.75 standard deviations below where his IQ would indicate he should be at for services. That why you often hear that a LD dx proves you have at least average IQ...anything less and you couldn't get 1.75 standard deivations difference. Some states don't use this model and others have different standard deivations (1.5 is a common one).

The grade equaliant thing is also important in our state because it is used to see if the services being offered are enough. It is a rule of thumb that the grade equaliant should move up at least one year for each each of special ed. Of course with good remediation more progress could be made.

I'm glad it is going so well.

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