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it does not matter...

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Posted Apr 29, 2004 at 7:02:59 PM
Subject: it does not matter...

It does not matter if your young adult child is at Harvard or "State Valley Tech" the laws governing all young (and older) adults at University with learning disabilites are the same. Some laws vary depending on the type of funding your young adult child's University gets, but there are some that are universal. I recommend you look them up, prepare yourself, and speak with the head of the offices of student disabilites at your young adult child's University. Or, get in contact with an educational lawyer. Or, schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students. Or all three. There are viable options out there for your young adult child, and do your very best to utilise them because there is soon to be new standards of academic performance for student athletes at University. There are actually very infomative links on this very web site that might help you. They are under the heading called; "Finding Help." Depending on where it is you live, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation might help you, if they have funding to help those with learning disabilites. Your young adult child's very learning disability testing should have some information that a professor would be able to comprehend...not all professors are mean in that regard...even at Harvard, or "State Valley Tech." Maybe your child shopuld sit back and think of that which could help him the most, for example using a tape recorder in history, and just blatantly ask the professor if he or she would not mind that...if they mind, your child can state why and then they can negotiate an agreement...just a thought.

peace to you and your child...

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I am ever soo sorry, this post was to be a response to; "What Recourse do College LD Students Have..." I am sorry I posted wrong.

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Posted:Apr 29, 2004 11:01:39 PM

That'll be five points off your grade -- you'll have to do some extracredit :)

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