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Want to go back to school, but have to work

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Posted May 04, 2004 at 3:16:03 AM
Subject: Want to go back to school, but have to work

I am 26 and have ld. I want to go back to school. The problem is that I am poor. I only made $13,000 last year. I have no family to help. I have to work to pay for rent, food, etc...
With my LD I have to have all my focus on one full time thing. I plan to get a degree in ministry, (I am looking into Liberty College Online program)
What do I do? I dont want to continue working in a dead end job. I already being treated for depression. I also afraid to go back to school because I had awful experiences at two college already.
My fiance does not understand ld, but very supportive in whatever I do.

Financial Aid wont cover all of college. I also need to be retest since my paperwork for my ld is 10 years old, so how do i afford that?
Anyone who can help email me at kermit_smj@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!

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Posted:May 04, 2004 11:22:39 AM


There have been many advances made for those of us in our late twenties and early thirties with regards to ld testing and modifications and all of that, you know? There have been many different advances that have come out since those of us ld folks in your age group were teenage high schoolers. Depending on where you live, the department of vocational rehabilitation in your home state (or city) might be able to give you ld testing at a very reasonable cost. And you know, you can also call around town or use the internet to look up neuropsychologists who can give you testing also. For example, in my state of Tennessee, I am having neuropsych testing done at a reasonable cost through a womens health center...all because I had the gumption to call and ask them about adult ld testing. There are some Universities that will do ld testing on the cheap too, but you have to call around, you know?
When you are an older student, you cannot just plainly focus on the one thing. You cannot only do your school work, and not work, you cannot only do your school work and not care for your children, you cannot only do your school work and not go to the movies with your gentleman friend...and so on. This is something that is very hard to learn and it is called multi tasking. You can learn multi tasking, it is never too late to learn such things, there are books out there that can help you learn how to keep a schedule of study and help keep your priorities in order. You can even open a yahoo account for free and have someone help you keep a proper calendar and to do list, these are things you can learn...it is never too late. I hope that you find yourself some ld testing and a professional to help you, I really do...and I bet you will.

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Posted:May 04, 2004 3:37:36 PM

IN GA u can get the testing done for about 500 atleast that's what it is for ADD/ADHD....check up if ur in GA and also to get it done from a university you have to be admitted into the university. Remember I said admitted not enrolled so call up a university's student disability center and ask them if ur admitted what's the cost. That way u can apply to a university for a program and not enroll and take the test!
Hope this helps
and remember God's there and things will work out!
Everything Happens for the BEST!

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