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Lack of Social Skills

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Posted May 16, 2004 at 9:44:48 PM
Subject: Lack of Social Skills

Ever since I small I never got to learn about social skills. I was moved around a lot and never had any friends. Now that I am living on my own I can honestly say that I have only one true friend. The only problem is that whenver he wants to do something without me or date someone I get exteremly jeoulous. We did go out 5 years ago, ut unfortantly 3 of my classmates broke us up. Now I have been single for 5 years because I don't know how to trust anyone. Also, I am trying to go out with my friend again. I think I don't trust guys because I never dated anyone before and I never had any friends. Can someone please tell me why I get so jealous when he wants to do something else. I am very miserable and lonely. I also feel uncomfotable going over to other peoples houses except for his because I feel like they will reject me. :( :( [size=18][/size]

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Posted:May 17, 2004 12:47:00 PM

You get so jealous because you feel he's your only friend. If he spends time with someone else, you're left alone.

You wouldn't get as jealous if you had something else to do when he's spending time with other friends.

I sincerely hope this all gets better for you.

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Posted:Jul 07, 2004 5:27:32 PM

Try to find something that interests you that might include other people. Do you like any type of crafts? Is there a class on a hobby that you would like to take? What about a church group. This will expose you to other people in a semi-social situation where you have a reason to be there other than to meet people.

As a navy spouse, I understand how hard it can be to meet people and make friends when you move around alot. I am not comfortable in new social situations (I also was not taught much in the way of social skills as a child). I have found that this works for me. I have a reason to be there and a reason to speak to people. This is how I have met some of my best friends.

Hope this helps!

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