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Anyone familiar with the ACT?

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Posted May 21, 2004 at 12:05:46 PM
Subject: Anyone familiar with the ACT?

I have heard anecdotally that many LD students find this test easier to deal with than the SAT. I am not familiar with the ACT, and would like some information.

thank you,

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Posted:May 24, 2004 8:51:33 AM

Hi, I am posting a link to the ACT web site, lots of info there. I think most students take both ACT and SAT to see which one they score best on. Most colleges, but not all accept the ACT scores.


Hope this helps you.

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Posted:Mar 21, 2005 8:37:06 PM


My ADHD son recently took the ACT test and did very well with it - at least for a 7th Grader's 1st attempt. His total composite score was a 17, and had he scored 1 more point in reading, he would have qualified for State Recognition. He was invited to take either the ACT/SAT via the Duke Univ. Talent Search ID program. My son is not 'gifted'. He is a good student. Anway... we chose the ACT because it had a test option to take a Science test - which we were very interested in. My son said the hardest part of the whole test was the reading portion - however, that's the section he did the best on. The science test was difficult - there's lots of graph reading and it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.

We bought the Ben Kaplan review book for the SAT/ACT that has the hand-held PDA (?) with it. The Book really helped my son know how to test and what to expect. I don't think he would have done as well going into the test cold-turkey. I helped him review with the book several days before the test. It definately helped, and it was fun reading through this - unlike some old boring written how-to textbooks. It would be worth the time to check out this book before your son tests.

I felt really good about the testing opportunity, and felt like we made the right choice of test. I would like him to experience taking the SAT test - and I've heard kids 7th grade and up can sign up to do so anytime. This helps them get ready for the final tests in High School.

Also...my son has dysgraphia (problem with written expression). He was allowed to have extra time on the written portion of the test, but we opted out.

Good luck!

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Posted:Sep 17, 2005 3:40:19 PM

Thank you for the information. I have been looking into the ACT test myself. I'm not sure if I need to take it though unless I take a Special Enrollment Course that requires it like Nursing.

One of my friends, who is in college now and in her early 20's, took the ACT. She said it is very long and much harder than the college entry test.

I hear the book put out by the ACT test people themselves is the best book to study from for the test. I may buy it from Amazon.com.

Just because I am LD, does NOT mean I cannot do anything. People grow and change. What experts say back then about yourself may not still be true years to come. I have done things experts have said in the past I would never do.

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