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From homeschooling to special ed class (maybe)

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Posted Jun 24, 2004 at 2:13:02 AM
Subject: From homeschooling to special ed class (maybe)

Hello to all, My name is Jan and I am a grandmother to a 16 year old girl who I have homeschooled for the last six years. Recently at her request we had her tested because she wanted to try to public school. I have some great concerns as did the person who tested her. His first comments to me were that the way she looks and the nieve behaviour would leave her at great risk. I do have her on birth control and would be transporting her to school so with those in place he said he felt she would be able to go.Her test scores show she has a IQ of 70 and some of the test results showed a large difference in them. My main concern is what she will have to deal with at school socially, will they work on vocational issues since she will not have any parents to guide her when we are gone, can she work and if so what kind of jobs should we be doing research on? Also can you give advise on how to prepare for an IEP as she does not have one as of yet. This is a lot of questions and I am sorry for that but there is so much running through my mind at this time. I have been told that I have a wonderful sweet-spirited girl, and I sure do not want to destroy or allow others to do that after all the hard work. Any advise would be greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.

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Posted:Jun 26, 2004 11:56:10 AM

I'd speak to someone else at the school - the guidance counselor for spec. ed specifically. Your good questions could be best answered there particularly how the school handles social issues and vocational issues. They'd also help you with the IEP process.

Good luck.

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