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Posted Oct 18, 2004 at 1:52:28 AM
Subject: Non Verbal LD


I discovered, about a year ago, that I have a learning disability. This was something that I had suspected for a long time, but was too embarrassed to admit. According to my WISC scores and my psychologist, I have a non-verbal learning disorder. Essentially, I scored much higher on the verbal portion as opposed to the performance portion of the test(although, I am sure most of you know this). Because of this, I struggle with issues like organization, problem solving and visual/spatial learning. Since I have been diagnosed as an adult, I really need help figuring out what I can do to help and understand myself and this learning issue (as it was essentially ignored in school when I was younger).

I am currently working at a Border's book store with the inventory team. While I love being around books, the prospect of managing inventory is terrifying to me. So far my training has been extremely fast paced and I am constantly left forgetting what my supervisor has told me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help with concentration and/or short term memory so I might pick up on things a bit faster? Short of writing things down (which is nearly impossible when you are on the floor), I am at a lost over what to do. This problem can be so frustrating and I doubt there is much I can do....I feel like I am going to get fired!

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Posted:Oct 18, 2004 11:45:56 AM

Hi, and welcome.

One of my favorite recaps of what NVLD is is at this site:

It does have an accomidation section but it only discusses them in an educational setting so its of limited use to you!

For your immediate problem....could you get one of those micro tape recorders and take "notes" that way?


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Posted:Oct 18, 2004 7:13:49 PM

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it seems like all help is geared towards those in school. I found school difficult, but manageable, mostly because I had so much time and room for mistakes (tutors and such). In the real world, however, I feel like I am much more limited. Managers just don't have the time to go over what needs to be done 100 times. There is also no "practice" like homework to hone up on outside of the job. Grrrrr.

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Posted:Mar 24, 2005 9:25:26 PM

Hope to have some additional info in the near future - my diagnosis is not yet a month old - I have tons of reading to do, am trying to meet people - and need to get "back on track" job-wise - have joined AANE (Asperger Ass'n of New England) - maybe there are similar chapters where you are? I am both discouraged and hopeful - there does seem to be a fair amount of info emerging - am hoping that it is ahead of me and that I can catch up (as opposed to running into too many more glass walls... which is my analogy at this point) - if anyone has good leads re: adult social-skills remediation training I would appreciate them - thank you.

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