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Looking for College Options for LD/ADD Student

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Posted Nov 18, 2004 at 7:33:34 AM
Subject: Looking for College Options for LD/ADD Student

Any suggestions for colleges for a student with LD/ADD? We are looking for a smaller campus with a support structure.

My son has a high IQ - but problems with short term memory, difficulty with details(for ex. understands math concepts and can help others, but will get to the latter stages of a problem, omit signs and get the wrong answer himself), and struggles with writing have him ready to give up. He prefers an intellectually challenging environment, but has been unable to effectively manage the homework and writing requirements that go with it.

He remembers virtually everything he hears in a lecture, if he can focus on listening, but if forced to take notes at the same time, can only get some of the information on paper, and then has missed out on his memorization opportunity from the lecture.

He has made tremendous progress in his life because he didn't give up...but I think he is close to walking away from any hope of completing college if we can't locate a supportive environment.

Suggestions/ideas/helpful experiences you can share? Thanks.

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Posted:Nov 18, 2004 7:56:53 PM

This question has been asked by others so you might look under some previous posts.

I am a faculty member at an university and have lots of students who tape lectures. I don't think most of them are even LD. So certainly your son could do that.

I have one student who told me she listens to my lectures in her car!!


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