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texas college or southern for daughter

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Posted Nov 27, 2004 at 1:31:53 AM
Subject: texas college or southern for daughter

My daughter is graduating this year & we are in process of finding a good school that has program for nonverbal learning disability students. Any advice you can give me would be helpful.


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Posted:Nov 28, 2004 7:46:13 AM


You might want to post this in the Adults with LD forum as well (if you haven't already!) as some of the regular posters are college students.

Other than that, you *might* want to request the post high school workbook from Groves Acedemy.


They have a large College fair for LD students every year. It has many midwest colleges and some from other areas as well. I figure an college that goes to the work to presenting at an LD college fair must have a decent LD program. I'm sorry you have to request the info. It used to be posted each year after the fair. I don't know why they changed that policy.

Good luck.

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