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College instructor and parent needs help

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Posted Jan 12, 2005 at 1:26:55 PM
Subject: College instructor and parent needs help

I have been lurking and, as an adult ADDer I come and go, but now I would like to ask for some help from the collective conciousness of you all.
I am a college instructor, diagnosed with mild ADD, father of a 15 yr old w/ADD-bright but struggling with school grades and the new instructor for two courses in Adaptive Physical Education.

My questions are of:

Adaptive PE is usually thought of in the physical domain, but I am taking the tack that new PE teachers will meet as many ADD students as physically challenged, so they better understand the condition {as well as all the others} AND I want them to be able to help the students.
BUT I was wondering if any of you know {or use}
any'treatments'/'programs'/ 'systems'/'ideas'etc that I can find out about that may be adapted by PE teachers to help ADD students in their classes? {beyond medications or just being generally sensitive to the needs of the adders}. I have heard bits and pieces about some English system that uses balance boards etc to help the students and ,yesterday, a PT person mentionsed something about 'light' or rainbow' or 'color' therapy she saw on the Discover Channel.

Any and all enlightenment will be very appreciated in this area OR anything in Adaptive PE you can think of! Even the process of evaluating these ideas would be valuable to my students.

As a person who deals with this everyday, I hope you can direct me toward some ideas-nothing is beyond my consideration- and future teachers and their students will forever thank you!

In thinking about this, I guess I am really asking what are some new innovations I should explore and what are the most important things a new adapted teacher should know?

My direct email is: rreinert@uwsuper.edu


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