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Learning and Emotional Disabilities

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Posted Jan 15, 2005 at 9:07:03 PM
Subject: Learning and Emotional Disabilities

I wanted to express as a learning disabled 23 year old how much learning disabilities effect the emotional side. The stress of me being learning disabled has made me Obsessive Compulsive and Bipolar. I also frequently say things that are not appropriate for example in high school a kid died in a car wreck and I constantly talked about it with a smile on my face. Or this past summer I went to 4 funerals and I was constantly talking about 3 of them. Why do I do this? Because to me its the way people talk. I think that people like talking about funerals. I realize that its not appropriate conversation, but not when I am talking about it. I bugged people in high school by talking about former students. Or in my house I am constantly naming a 4th cousin we met once.
People need to be compassionate about this. If in my case I am talking about a 4th cousin's funeral the compassionate person responds "Hey I don't mean to change the subject but did you know aunt Pam is pregnant." This way I usually will be able to get off the inappropriate subject and talk about the positive. What I don't respond to is "hey, quit talking about death. I've told you that." or in school, "Hey faget, shut your mouth".
Learning disabilities is a major social problem for the entire family. It is not the person's fault though. One person compared it to holidays with an ADHD person being hard. The ADHD person is 100% innocent and the family needs to enjoy all his good even if he is wild and gently remind him not to interrupt. There is nothing wrong if we are not responding to discipline, but you must tell the kid his strengths after the punishment. Also, as much as you can punish instead of yelling. If yelled at 95% of the kids only hear the yelling and not whats being said because of their innocence.


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