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SATS in Israel

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Posted Feb 01, 2005 at 1:12:47 PM
Subject: SATS in Israel

My LD son was evaluated prior to taking the SATS here in Israel. Although in high school he had been granted extra time or oral testing--he got no compensations for the SAT. This is standard, I was told: the colleges want to know if the student is slow.

He got very low scores, needless to say. Here you can not get into any college without high SAT scores. What can he do? I am concerned with his self-image--and his future.

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Posted:Mar 14, 2005 9:10:41 PM

Check with the College Board. They administer the test. They have an application process and particular documentation that needs to be submitted to document the need for accommodations. If they agree that accommodations are needed then they can tell you what the next step is.

Also, if you check the college books, you will find colleges that don't require the SAT or ACT for admission. At least in the US.

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Posted:Mar 17, 2005 5:35:34 PM

You mihgt want to consider distance learning -- but first ascertain that there really aren't any exceptions to the "we don't want anybody who doesn't work fast" rule.

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